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I re-taps on ham radio with new sites. With this site revive, my Ham Radio life in Malaysia continue with new chapter.

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Yesterday, Sunday 24/05 Chinese celebrate Bak Chang. Bak chang or Zong Zi or Rice Dumpling, made of glutinous rice and inside within the rice stuff with meat, or any other fillings that you love to put in. Thereafter you would wrapped it with bamboo leafs and steam it for 10minutes only then you can enjoy it.

Every year my mum would wake up early and prepare Zong Zi and every year she would get it on the table before sun rise, for her children to eat to enjoy. When I wake up, the first thing to do is to open it up and eat. Every year I would ask her what she put in? And the every year answer would be the same, You eat then you Know!.

Similar to when you open a birthday or Christmas present. You never know what's inside. You will also never know when you eat a box of chocolate.

To relate this to 10M band or any other HF frequency. You will tell me how to relate a food to Frequency?

Is the same thing, you never know What, When, Where, and How, the band is open to some where or some places specially at 10M and 6M. They could be like a switch, on or off immediately, they could also like Hit and Run type. They sometimes can stay as long as they can just like weather condition or person weather!. All depend on the propagation and condition.

As more and more 10M band user come in, often they will did what they did best in 2M frequency "Stay as long as I can". 28.490Mhz is International DX window frequency. Some new station that new to HF frequency often would occupy as if the frequency belong to them. If you were to have ragchew for a long time, you can move it to others frequencies but not rawchewing in International DX Window frequency. That is what I'm trying to say here.

International DX window frequencies is to be use to call DX station, once you successfully contacted thereafter you can move it to others frequencies and continue to QSO or ragchew.

Yesterday is quite frustrated day. Not only frustrate to propagation, but to users who use the frequency. I wanted to get a DX station and I waited and waited and waited while I enjoying my ragchewing my Bak Chang. As I finish my Bak Chang they are still in the frequency, I better move myself to 28.495Mhz.

So what i'm trying to say that Calling DX window frequency use 28.490, for Ragchewing move to Up 10 or  Down 10.

Someone will hate me for this! Anyway is reality. Let's us make a better usage not only to 10M but to all the band that allocated by the authority.

Good Luck in Dxing and Rawchewing!


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