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Looking something!!!

This is another targeted QSL card from Japan that I'm looking forward to receive. Is from JA0 area and from JR0WZR - Mr. Kazutoshi Kuwahara, one of the JA0-DX-Gang! looks like a Black Gang that hi! hi!

Nice QSL Card!

Thanks for the nice QSL card!

Hope to see you again!


QSL card receive - JA1MSS Mr. Tamio Abe San,

Thank you for your brief introduction of your home town. Love to visit the place one day!

Good Luck and Hope to see you again!


Coming back today, reaching my house close about 8pm. And this is my room temperature. Is not the 430mhz amp temperature, 32.8°C is the actual room temperature.

I never come across the room temperature recorded that high. Imagine outside it could easily reach 34°C.

It could be dry and heat day ahead. Local weather man say it could prolong up to Sept. Water is going to adopt recession soon. Better save water now then no water job.

Heat and Heat! Is time to get air conditional install in the house to cool down the heat of the house and also the heat of the occupant of the house.


Here I list out some of the things that for me is important for me to have it before I went for Dxing. A part from equipment and assessories, I listed here some additional or some aid for me to have easy DX operation. It could be not a must for you to have it, but at least you know what it is.

QSL Card

  • What is QSL Card - WIKI has the answer for you. 
  • When you have contacted new station or Station that needed your QSL card so badly but you don't have it now then get yourself a QSL card. There are many sites offer print out QSL card for you. There are some site that give you option for you to upload your own pictures. 
  • 9W2CBL QSL Card got it from QSLPrinter.com. They offer a resonable price and also response from them is satisfied.
  • You can introduce yourself by producing your QSL card during eyeball session.
  • QSL card is like your Identity Card.
  • Register yourself into QRZ.com. QRZ.com is worldwide database contain all callsign from around the world.
  • When a DX station want to send you their qsl card, but they don't know your address unless you tell them over the frequency, it can get wrong sometimes and you will miss their nice qsl card. So better be safe for them to get your address correctly from QRZ.com
  • You can also put in some details about yourself for others to know you better. HERE mine.
  • Nowadays with available of internet, all sort of information can be obtain easily. Those days with no internet, prediction of propagation or open of contact from where to where is very hard. One have to stay in front of radio all time turning the dail back and forth to hear distance station to get a contact.
  • DX Summit by OH2AQ OH8X is the most popular cluster to watch and monitor.
  • Often someone would abuse it. It is good to report real report.
  • DX cluster is to report a Distance contacted report so that one that view the report can know on how and when the propagation open and from where to where.
  • Report on local QSO doesn't mean anything to others. You can't get any information from it. Local QSO can be enjoyable every day every time and every second. Compared it with distance QSO you have to count on propagation, condition and open from where to where - that is the most difficult, so DX cluster is the most important tools for monitoring.
I think that all of what above that aided me so far during my Dxing. If you think that you have more suggestion do drop me a comment, I will post up and update here.



Another qsl card that drop in today from JA7BEW - Mr. Maruyama Masayuki san. Again from JA7 that I'm looking for. During my QSO with him, he wanted my QSL card so badly. So I send out direct to him. Now with return QSL card he indicated that he wanted my suffix CBL for JCA award. - Well Good Luck!

Now that I help him, Can you help me to get JA8 and also JA9 to get contact with me in 10M or 6M band, I wanted for my application for AJD award! and Badly needed too!

Not only that, he also include many thanks too! My mum will be happy to see it! very nice stamp! - Thank you very much.

Hope to work with you again!

Arigato Gozaimasu


QSL Card receive from JH7XGC - Many thanks Mr. Hitoshi Ochiai san! one of the QSL card that I have hunted for quite some times now and arrive with something!

And he also include something inside - I'm not sure that is stamp or not or just a promotion to get a first day cover of The 50th Anniversary of the Wedding of Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress.

Arigato Gozaimasu!

Looking forward to work with you again!


Again from Land of  Rising Sun - JA7AQR for the 10m band contact!

Thanks - Arigato Gozaimasu!


From land of Rising Sun - JA1GHR. Nice tower with nice antenna - Thanks

Arigato Gozaimasu..!

Hope to see you again!


QSL Card from Arif YC9MDX - You are still strongest from Indonesia. - Many Thanks for the QSL card.

Thanks for your QSL card reply. Hope to catch you once again.


Yesterday, Sunday 24/05 Chinese celebrate Bak Chang. Bak chang or Zong Zi or Rice Dumpling, made of glutinous rice and inside within the rice stuff with meat, or any other fillings that you love to put in. Thereafter you would wrapped it with bamboo leafs and steam it for 10minutes only then you can enjoy it.

Every year my mum would wake up early and prepare Zong Zi and every year she would get it on the table before sun rise, for her children to eat to enjoy. When I wake up, the first thing to do is to open it up and eat. Every year I would ask her what she put in? And the every year answer would be the same, You eat then you Know!.

Similar to when you open a birthday or Christmas present. You never know what's inside. You will also never know when you eat a box of chocolate.

To relate this to 10M band or any other HF frequency. You will tell me how to relate a food to Frequency?

Is the same thing, you never know What, When, Where, and How, the band is open to some where or some places specially at 10M and 6M. They could be like a switch, on or off immediately, they could also like Hit and Run type. They sometimes can stay as long as they can just like weather condition or person weather!. All depend on the propagation and condition.

As more and more 10M band user come in, often they will did what they did best in 2M frequency "Stay as long as I can". 28.490Mhz is International DX window frequency. Some new station that new to HF frequency often would occupy as if the frequency belong to them. If you were to have ragchew for a long time, you can move it to others frequencies but not rawchewing in International DX Window frequency. That is what I'm trying to say here.

International DX window frequencies is to be use to call DX station, once you successfully contacted thereafter you can move it to others frequencies and continue to QSO or ragchew.

Yesterday is quite frustrated day. Not only frustrate to propagation, but to users who use the frequency. I wanted to get a DX station and I waited and waited and waited while I enjoying my ragchewing my Bak Chang. As I finish my Bak Chang they are still in the frequency, I better move myself to 28.495Mhz.

So what i'm trying to say that Calling DX window frequency use 28.490, for Ragchewing move to Up 10 or  Down 10.

Someone will hate me for this! Anyway is reality. Let's us make a better usage not only to 10M but to all the band that allocated by the authority.

Good Luck in Dxing and Rawchewing!


A bunch of my close friend kipnap me from Seremban and tie me up at the back seat of a car and straight up to highland in Malaysia just to have a simple celebration of my 36 years living in Malaysia. There's the blue berry cheese cake as simple celebration cake.

Just a one wish and make it two...
1. Hopping future world would be a better place to live.
2. Hopping 9W2CBL take up the morse code exam...come on!



This time is at FM mode, as being told by Takasaki-san 9M2/JH8PHT, that many DX station standby at 29.600Mhz, so I give a try to catch it and turn out quite a good start  - 2 China Station.

Not bad at all for this antenna that I brought in from mdeltaloop, a single element Delta loop with full 1 lambda signal can be reach to them 55 ~ 59. Please visit their website and ask them how to get it from them and can enjoy with me.

BG8NIR; UTC: 11:08; Freq: 28.600, FM; Signal Out: 55; In: 55
BG8NZ; UTC: 11:12; Freq: 28.600, FM; Signal Out: 55; In: 59



Sometimes playing for fun with no aim, no purpose can turn out to be very fun. Today I'm one of the kind person with that situation. No Aim, No purpose, just playing CQ on the 10M band and result that I could not believe...

9K2MU; UTC: 10:32; Freq: 28.495, SSB; Signal Out: 55; In: 57
HS0ZIN; UTC: 10:40; Freq: 28.495, SSB; Signal Out: 59; In: 57
E21EJC; UTC: 10:45; Freq: 28.495, SSB; Signal Out: 59; In: 57
JA7KOJ; UTC: 11:13; Freq: 28.495, SSB; Signal Out: 57; In: 55

1 Kuwait, 2 Thailand and 1 Japan...

QSL card will be on your way.. looking forward to receive from yours too..

Hope to see you all again!


Going to 10M bush, hardly find a way out, hit out 2 station while I was about to give up! 10M band is not that good condition.

9W2WF; UTC: 05:10; Freq: 28.490, SSB; Signal Out: 59; In:59
BY8DX; UTC: 05:18; Freq: 28.496, SSB; Signal Out: 59; In: 54


Hope to see you again!


What We can operate or cannot operate in Malaysia as Class B license holder?

To understand what type of Radio emission - Click HERE. Wiki has the descriptions.

Question now is that do we really know what we can work and what type of emission that we allow to operate.

Class B license holder in Malaysia can only operate as follow A3E, F1A, F2A, F3E, J3E and R3E.

Which mean Class B license holder can only operate following SSB Mode, AM Mode, FM Mode, FM CW. That is all that we able to operate.

Cannot work or operate is RTTY, SSB CW, PSK31, MMSSTV and others digital mode.

Emm..I already cross over some of the digital mode. A part from normal QSO in HF, working in digital mode is also a fun to play with. So much so interesting that end me in building myself homebrew interface circuit to connect computer to my transceiver that able to receive and send in digital mode.

CW, we can't work also.. but I also did cross over sometimes when my leg is itches. He! He!

Maybe is time to upgrade our license to include Digital mode such as F1B, G1B and maybe how about give us A1A and A2A as well!

So now have to be good boy stick all time to SSB 10M and 6M band.


Today I sneak out from work and went to local Post Office to deliver a batch of QSL card that I haven't done it for the pass 1 month... Sorry for those who are waiting for my QSL card..! Quite busy with my work.

Today sending total close about 30 envelope of QSL card, that tickle my brain to bring back some memory in those days in my teens. When comes to Chinese New Year or Christmas sending wishes card is also almost cost me a bomb.

This time the postage cost me RM30. Well, the Joy of it is not about money that being spend on the postage but is a joy of getting distance QSL card as collection. That's the Joy of DX QSO! Not only QSL card collection, collection of Stamp is also my favourite...!

When I'm going to disturb the Post office counter again!!! he! he!


QSL Card - VK6TQ for the QSO done on 15th Feb 2009!

Thanks Mate! See YA!


QSL Card from BG7PVD for the QSO done on 25th March this year. Nice QSL Card!

Hope to C U AGN!


Another day with great contact, in fact I not so well with my body condition, This morning I wake up with big heavy stone on my head and my body feel of a fever is building up - Swine Flu - Nope! A quick drop of drug to kill it. When back to sleep in my bed and wake up and this is what I work...!

HS0ZIN; UTC: 08:05; Freq: 28.495, SSB; Signal Out: 59; In: 59
JA7JH; UTC: 08:08; Freq: 28.495, SSB; Signal Out: 59; In: 59
JA3XOG; UTC: 08:09; Freq: 28.495. SSB; Signal Out: 59; In: 59
JR3ABB; UTC: 08:24; Freq: 28.495, SSB: Signal Out: 59; In: 57
JA7BEW; UTC: 08:26; Freq: 28.495, SSB; Signal Out: 59; In: 59
JA1GHR; UTC: 08:28; Freq: 28.495, SSB; Signal Out: 59; In: 59
JR0WZR; UTC: 08:30; Freq: 28.495, SSB; Signal Out: 55; In: 55
JA0FVU; UTC: 08:31; Freq: 28.495, SSB; Signal Out: 59: In: 59
JL1MUT; UTC: 08:33; Freq: 28.495, SSB; Signal Out: 59; In: 59
JF1NUV; UTC: 08:33; Freq: 28.495, SSB; Signal Out: 59; In: 59
JG1XLZ; UTC: 08:39; Freq: 28.495, SSB; Signal Out: 59; In: 59
JA3NUH; UTC: 08:40; Freq: 28.495, SSB; Signal Out 59; In: 57
JA1MSS; UTC: 08:48; Freq: 28.495, SSB; Signal Out: 55; In: 55
9W2CDI; UTC: 09:05; Freq: 28.495, SSB; Signal Out: 55; In: 55
JA7OWD; UTC: 09:18; Freq: 28.492, SSB; Signal Out: 55; In: 55
9M2/JH8PHT; UTC: 09:20; Freq: 28.492; SSB; Signal Out: 55; In: 52

9M2JKL; UTC: 09:12; Freq: 28.010; CW; Signal In: 599 - Operated by 9M2/JH8PHT

That's all the I could work it today.

And next few weeks or so, I will encounter another great station in Malaysia that stay close proximity with me and I looking forward to work with him...he! he!

Looking for work more European station; however couldn't catch it.

Well see you all again - Thank you very much!


10M band QSL Card receive from JA7BYP!

From QSL Card Collection

From QSL Card Collection

Arigato Gozaimasu,



QSL Card for 10M band successfully establish contact.

From QSL Card Collection

Arigato Gozaimasu...!


QSL Card from JA1EJV for the QSO successful contacted on 25th April 2009.

From QSL Card Collection

From QSL Card Collection

Thank you also for the IRC attached together..!

Arigato Gozaimasu.


Receive this QSL card from JA5CPJ for the QSO done on 25th April 2009.

Masa-san, many thanks for the nice QSL card and also IRC. However IRC is not valid to exchange in our local post office. Malaysian Post Office don't know about this IRC. So I will keep it as memento.

Some told me that your Father is JA5CP. I hope He still able to operate! Love to catch him on the air.

Many thanks and CUAGN!


Today, there is no much to shout about. Propagation around Equator region is dead

The band is quiet. I manage to work with one VK Station..

VK4CQ; UTC: 07:09; Freq: 28.492; Signal Out: 34, In: 5

Thanks Ross, See ya!


Today is the day all the labour who has put their effort in making the world better for human to live in harmony, goes celebration for the hard work that has put in... include me!

The band is totally quiet this afternoon, no much DXing can be enjoy in the earlier afternoon. Later in the late afternoon I able to catch some DX station...!!

Working harder than normal working days..the 10M band is hard to deal with it!.. 1 Local, 1 Japan, 1 China, 1 Hong Kong! - making it 1111...got to buy lottery!

9W2RZL; UTC: 08:15; Freq: 28.491, SSB; Signal Out: 59; In: 58
JR3JFZ; UTC: 10:56; Freq: 28.512, SSB; Signal Out: 59; In: 59
BA7IO; UTC: 11:10; Freq: 28.491, SSB; Signal Out: 59; In: 59
VR2VBV; UTC: 11:11; Freq: 28.482, SSB; Signal Out: 59; In: 59



QSL Card from 9M2AZ - Aziz, for the QSO done on 26 Apr.

Thanks for the note....

Thanks for the QSL card, I mostly operate on 10M, Satellite. Others mode I will venture into it when I have more time on this hobby... Half of my daily life is mostly tie up with my company..



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