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Well the band is not so favorable. Lower band can enjoy much of it and squeeze out as many station one can get. At this time, North has good propagation where Sporadic E is happening now and we call it Sporadic E propagation. Me? I have to depend my F2 friend! he is resting now up there!

Luckily I able to catch one VK station.

VK8NSB; UTC: 06:06; Freq: 28.490; SSB; Out: 42; In: 41

Thanks Stuie, 73, Mates

Later in the late afternoon, the band open only to local. As usual la! treating 28.490 like local repeater, "staying as long as I can". I heard another VK came in CQing at 28.490 frequencies, yet they still not let go for the VK station to make his DX contact.

As usual, as what I have report HERE and is happening again. 28.490 is International DX Calling window, so please give way for any DX station for their DX calling.

Not only to have a good voice, but the most important thing is to have a Good Ear to hear a distance station.

As now many 9W2 and new 9M2 station coming in to the band. Let's have a good behaviour when dealing with a band that has wide listener. And be professional when dealing with HF band.


Here the following of 3 parts series video posted at Youtube.com. Is all about Radio, a little touch on how morse develop.

Enjoy it!

Happy Father's Day to all father who read my website.

Propagation on today is not so favourable to play with it. Current propagation is best for lower frequencies and  not to high frequencies such as 10m and 6m band.

Let's wait for another a month!


There are many website offer great information of Radio Wave propagation. Type of propagation, type of condition, Which propagation is for which band and a lot more.

Here I will try to elaborate as much as I can.

The great traveler - Basic Radio Wave traveling.

  • All radio communication either in ground-wave or line of sight influences by the Sun.
  • Condition of wave is vary by the time of the day, seasons and also latitude and longitude of the earth
  • Radio wave can be reflected by any materials, building, trees, vehicles, water, ionized layers at atmosphere and etc.
  • The wave bends as it refracted and as it passes through one into another in skys.
  • The higher the frequencies the bending is increase
  • Speed of the waves changes at atmosphere as the temperature, air density and levels of ionization changes.
  • Mostly of the HF communication depends on refraction.
 If the wave are not bend the signal will shot up to the space and it will not return back to earth. That is where our friend Ionosphere play the role of refracting it back to earth.
(Taken from Propagation Radio Wave by VU2MSY)

The Ionosphere
  • 30Mhz and below frequencies that is affected the most.
  • Stay about approx 50 ~ 500km above the earth surface
  • It contains ions and electrons
  • The degree of ionization depends on ultraviolet readiation of the sun.
  • Skip distances (Skip Zone) can be occur and depend on frequency used, densify of the ionosphere and time of the day.
  • Ionosphere consists of D, E, F1 and F2 layers.
  • D layer (Approx 70 ~ 90km) - Role as RF sponge with maximum absorption during daylight hours.
  • E layer (Approx 100 ~ 120km) - Effective refraction during daylight.
  • F layer (Approx 150 ~ 400km) - During daylight there are two layer F1 and F2. F1 and F2 combine onto one layer during at night.

Types of propagation.
  • Ionospheric waves - sometimes we call it sky waves.
  • Tropospheric waves - Radiation kept close to the earth's surface due to bending in the lower atmosphere.
  • Ground waves - sometimes we call it surface waves, there are 3 types of ground wave propagation.
    • Earth-guided surface wave
    • Vertical polarized
    • Travel much further over water than over land.
  • Sporadic E propagation - occurs mostly during summer season, from May to August in the northern hemisphere and from November to February in the southern hemisphere
This is what I can say about types of propagation that affected our radio communications.

Learn more of propagation from here

 If you have some information that would like to share, do drop me some comment.


Nothing much to updated apart from receiving QSL card from around Asia region where I have QSO with them before.

10M band is a dead band pass weekend + today too. Sporadic E is happening now at North Pole. Country like European Russia, Asiatic Russia, Europe, Japan, US are much active. - this what we call it Sporadic E propagation and will last till August.

We over at Malaysia are depend more on F2 propagation. With current F2 less active, all I can only heard is local station. The beacon of VK8VF/B not so strong now compare to pass few month ago that I reported receive 599.

NASA lately release a report - Mystery of the missing sunspots, solved? - Read it HERE

"We still don't understand exactly how jet streams trigger sunspot production," says Pesnell. "Nor do we fully understand how the jet streams themselves are generated."

Still long way to go! to have a satisfaction on 10M band QSO. At this moment I trying to improve my station.


This QSL card is from China and for 10M QSO - BD7OH

Nice  flower there! Hope to catch you again!


Veronica with callsign KC6TQR featured in David Letterman show in year 1993. At that time she only 6 Year old. With that age she being taught well on how to operate a ham radio.

I salute her when Letterman trying to get hold of her microphone and this is what she said "NO!" - Bravo. Being certified as Technician class, she understand on how and what to do when others non-ham would like to try on this ham radio.

Later she pass the microphone to Letterman, after she announce her call sign first and follow by "3rd party traffic for my friend" - this is Good!

I believe all of us here should learn something from her. Smart Girl yah!

Here is the video clip from Youtube!



Here I posted two mp3, one file contain 40WPM and another one with 50WPM or rather is 20WPM morse, both mp3 play randomly 5 characters in a set. You can play directly from here.

Random Character Morse Code - Part 1

Random Character Morse Code - Part 2 with QSB

Hope you enjoy it!


10M band QSL card from China - BG8FZ

Nice QSL card - Many thanks


NOAA has new prediction for Solar Cycle 24

Quote from NASA - New Solar Cycle Prediction

"If our prediction is correct, Solar Cycle 24 will have a peak sunspot number of 90, the lowest of any cycle since 1928 when Solar Cycle 16 peaked at 78,"
Scientist from NASA, predicted the peak for cycle 24 would happen May 2013. Below is the chart from HERE

Next year start to pick up. Hopefully, we able to have a better long distance Dx there.

Lately, propagation is not so favorable even the some spot of the sun is visible.


Airbus 330-200 belong to Air France that carry 228 passenger crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on Monday after hitting stormy weather during a flight from Rio de Janeiro that headed to Paris. Atlantic Ocean is the second largest ocean. So imagine a vast object with tiny object, it could be hard time for rescuer to look for any survivor in nick of time. The plane could have crash on North Atlantic Ocean.

PY0FF Andrew, soon after the signal from the plane - AF 447 stop sending signal, He send messages to all the vessels that sails around the region to look out for any survival. At this moment there is no message return back from any vessels or ships.

Hoping that the survival could hold on for the rescues team to arrive.

More on HERE


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