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I re-taps on ham radio with new sites. With this site revive, my Ham Radio life in Malaysia continue with new chapter.

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Looking something!!!

I wanted to get Popular Science, one of my favorite magazine to feed me on the latest technology. I missed some of the issued and I can't get it over at my hometown. When I have the opportunity in KL, I will visit most popular book store in order to get the magazine.

Today I was at One Utama New Wing and I headed to MPH Store book magazine section to look for what I'm looking for. Instead of the magazine that I'm looking for, I spotted another my favorite magazine - CQ Magazine. I used to subscribe it from US as I can't get it from Malaysia off the shelf. And is very hard to find a books or magazine about Amateur Radio in most of the popular bookstore in Malaysia.

And there you are at the shelf siting among those technology magazine. Sell it at RM24.90

I haven't check the rest of the MPH store, only in One Utama MPH that I found it!

Updates: 15/08/2009

Today went over to Berjaya Times Square for a meeting, after finish my meeting, I went over to Borders and guess what I found another CQ Magazine waiting for a buyer.

 Sell it at RM24.90


This morning is not as usual morning where wake to prepare for work. But today morning is another special morning. Monitoring AO-51 signal to capture what is the heck the this oscar transmitting.

I did not switch on my computer to record the transmission from Oscar AO-51.

AO-51, Freq: 435.300Mhz, UTC: 22:58; Signal : 33. Azimuth: 18.2°; Elevation: 3.4°

Is good to hear some of the transmission. Later I learn from 9M6YBG, he has successfully capture the signal and the whole transmission.

Those who hasn't heard of the Special Message Transmission. Here is the recording by Ed, KL7UW - http://www.kl7uw.com/40th_apollo_message.wav.


I have lost touch on Satellite many many months ago ever since I busy with my work. Every time I come back home from my work either the AO-51 passes earlier or mid of the night so I missed AO-51 very much!

AMSAT-NA will commomerate 40th Anniversary for the first manned lunar landing with special event on AO-51.

A Special message will transmit from AO-51 start on Evening July 20 ~ Earlier July 21 UTC. A special SWL QSL will be awared to any ground station that able to receive the signal from AO-51 which transmit on 435.300Mhz FM.

Keep looking for more news about this on HERE


This weekend IARU championship doesn't bring much enjoyment.

The band is totally quiet. DXing contact comes within short distance. Heard few far distance station - Kuwait, Asiatic Russian, but unable to work with them. Lower band able to work perfectly at this time.

YC9MDX; UTC: 03:11; Freq: 28.489; SSB; Out: 55 In: 54; ITU: 54
9M2JKL; UTC: 03:44; Freq: 28.500; SSB; Out: 54 In: 54; ITU: 54

Work with you all again.


This coming weekend will be happening, provided that sunspot is there. The contest will start beginning 1200 UTC Saturday and ending 1200 UTC Sunday (July 11-12, 2009)

Yup! this weekend I will be on Air - HOPEFULLY if I not being ask to go back company!!

Newbie! You are encourage to read the contest rules - HERE if you wanted to join the contest. If you not sure on how to play this contest, just stay in the band and listen on how others perform the contest. Learn first!

JARL will on the air this weekend and some of the call below already hit the waves started on 6th July.

CallBandContest QTH
8N1HQ15m CW Kimitsu, Chiba
8N1HQ160m/10m CWMinato Ku, Tokio
8N1HQ80m SSBMinami-Ashigara, Kanagawa
8N2HQ10m SSBNakatsugawa, Gifu
8N3HQ15m SSBNara, Nara
8N3HQ40m CWKobe, Hyogo
8N3HQ20m CWMiki, Hyogo
8N4HQ80m CW/40m SSBOkayama, Okayama
8N8HQ20m SSBIwamizawa, Hokkaido

See Ya! and enjoy the contest.. I will be newbie! So treat me as newbie and do kick me out of the frequency if I don't do it correctly!



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