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I re-taps on ham radio with new sites. With this site revive, my Ham Radio life in Malaysia continue with new chapter.

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Looking something!!!

Quite a day and here what I have worked out!

VR2UNA; UTC: 08:50; Freq: 28.492; SSB; Out: 59 - In: 59
VK4MDX; UTC: 09:16; Freq: 28.495; SSB; Out: 55 QSB - In: 55
BG8IK; UTC: 09:18; Freq: 28.495; SSB; Out 59 - In: 59
FR1AN; UTC: 11:09; Freq: 28.485; SSB; Out: 55 QSB - In: 55

1 new Country, 3 new station See You again!

Now I have to fill up QSL card for the past contact that I made!


With sunspot at low point doesn't stop everyone hunting for DX station to contest to be the best. I'm one of the station joining this contest that start from 0000 GMT time 24/10 Sat and end at 2400 GMT time 25/10 Sun.

On Sat I came in at 5pm, I was just arrived home from LCCT where I touch down after 4hrs flight from China.

Here what I got this time and I play for fun this time also and here is the link to the 2009 Rules CQ WW DX Contest

EA1DR; UTC: 11:56; Freq: 28.490; SSB; Out: 55 In: 55

This is what I worked
Day 1 - 24/10/2009
VR2009EAG; UTC: 09:54; Freq: 28.490; SSB; Out: 59 28 - In: 59 24
SZ1A; UTC: 10:01; Freq: 28.500; SSB; Out: 59 28 - In: 59 20
YB1AR; UTC: 10:58; Freq: 28.487; SSB; Out: 59 28 - In: 59 28

Day 2 - 25/10/2009
VK4MA; UTC: 03:41; Freq: 28.495; SSB; Out: 59 28 - In: 59 30
BG8IK; UTC: 03:41; Freq: 28.495; SSB; Out: 59 28 - In: 59 24
BD8ATI; UTC: 03:52; Freq: 28.495; SSB; Out 59 28 - In: 59 24
YE2R; UTC: 06:18; Freq: 28.495; SSB; Out: 59 28 - In: 59 28
9M2JKL; UTC: 06:22; Freq: 28.492; SSB; Out: 59 28 - In: 59 28
YC9MDX: UTC: 06:31; Freq: 28.492; SSB; Out: 59 28 - In: 59 28
9W2YET; UTC: 06:36; Freq: 28.492; SSB; Out: 59 28 - In: 59 28
RG9A; UTC: 08:24; Freq: 28.494; SSB; Out: 59 28 - In: 59 17
HS0AC; UTC: 08:37; Freq: 28.492; SSB; Out 59 28 - In: 59 26
9W6MAN; UTC: 08:43; Freq: 28.492; SSB; Out: 59 28 - In: 59 28
HS0ZIQ; UTC: 08:45; Freq: 28.492; SSB; Out: 59 28 - In: 59 26
9M8Z; UTC: 08:59; Freq: 28.500; SSB; Out: 59 28 - In: 59 28

Not bad, 2 new country, 6 different zone, and fun too!

See ya next year again!


Today I trying to hunt down a broken link on a microphone cable and repair it to be use fully by my church. This microphone cable is used by my church mic that connected to PA system.

Unknown of where the broken link located at, I have to start of from one end and I end up cutting out about 1.5 meter off from the original cable and left only 4m has good connection 3core cable. If I known that the broken link is happen right after 1.5m length,  I won't end up almost an hour for that! I don't have super power to sense where the link broken is or laser eyes to spot where the broken link is. All I have is patience and patience to cut one by one from 1st cut up to 10th cut and get the bad cable out.

Further after finish wire it back. Another close inspection to the wire here you are of where the cable made it from...

It says "High Grade Low Noise Microphone Cable" and the end of it "Made In China Hongliweiye" Ahhh! that is where the Quality is! If they have check it properly by their team form Quality Department before ship out from the company, i won't spend an hours to detect the broken link is.


This is what happen to me during my contact with someone from Italy. Panic and input wrong frequency! Sending wrong signal to them that I in 28.286Mhz but actually I was at 28.486Mhz CQing!. Sigh my mistake there!

I better next time put properly! Sorry ya!



Exactly 3 months I have not able to have distance QSO. Tonight F2 play the role.

Here is what I worked tonight!

EA1DR; UTC: 11:56; Freq: 28.490; SSB; Out: 55 In: 55
I6DVW; UTC: 12:02; Freq: 28.490; SSB; Out: 55 In: 55
I1CTP; UTC: 12:03; Freq: 28.486; SSB; Out: 55 In: 55
IW0HBY; UTC: 12:08; Freq: 28.486; SSB; Out: 55 In: 57
9K2CQ; UTC: 12:09; Freq: 28.486; SSB; Out: 59 In: 59
9K2YM; UTC: 12:09; Freq: 28.486; SSB; Out: 55 In:59

Short F2 open, still a enjoyable QSO. Funny is my antenna face towards Japan, yet I still able to work with them. I wish I have many more element add into it.!


Hope to hear from you all again!


Here is the example of how you can set a portable HF radio while you go hiking, camping or fishing. Think of it, it can be setup as emergency use during disaster strike or during your outdoor activities when some thing goes wrong, who you going to call?

I have known someone is quite active in portable HF communication. 9M6YBG quite active activate his station nearby sea or whatever place that he looking is nice to operate it!.

This pretty lady here name is Diana - KC2UHB from New Jersey USA, using Yaesu FT-857D connected to 20M end-fed half-wavelength wire that hang over the tree, power by battery (I'm looking forward her to use Solar to power up the radio!) and she end up with 20 QSO before she pack up. The 1st contact is Italy - IZ5MMB. Nice Setup!

Cheers and 73!

A Video contain Morse Code Training conducted by United State Army. Is a 1966 Video available in Youtube.

Nice one! I like it!.. Catch it here! Part 1 teach you how the morse should be sound. Part 2 teach you how to use and place your hand in the keyer. Back to old school method teaching! Fun learning it!

Part 1

Part 2


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