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I re-taps on ham radio with new sites. With this site revive, my Ham Radio life in Malaysia continue with new chapter.

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Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters' Society

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West Malaysia

E-QSL - I'll will not entertain! I truly need your paper qsl card.


My Website. Anyone that link my old blogspot - 9w2cbl.blogspot.com , please re-link again to www.9w2cbl.com

The old blog is taken down by Google due to unforeseen incident.

Thank you for the support given so far, looking forward to have you read my post in this new website. 73 de 9W2CBL Richard Lam

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VK9XX now active in Christmas Island. Operated by DL2RMC, DM5TI, DL2JRM and DM2AYO. They will be in the island from 21st Nov to 5th Dec, 2 weeks.

Click HERE to spot them and to check the best condition to work with them. Currently the sun activity in low trend. Just hopping to catch them...

The trend is just prediction of JA, W2, W6 and DL to reach Christmas Island. For 9M2, if you see JA it could be possibility to work with them.

And I work this weekend! sigh!

Good Luck and Good DX!

AO-51 all time favorite bird to catch and work with, the L-Band on this bird transponder is activated to celebrate Thanksgiving weekend.

It will be activated from November 26 - November 29

FM Repeater, V/U
145.920 MHz FM
Downlink: 435.300 MHz FM

FM repeater, L/U
1268.700 MHz FM
Downlink: 435.150 MHz FM 

AO-51 Schedule - HERE

Too bad, I don't license to operate on L-band!

Happy Thanksgiving day!


Steve (9M6DXX - the loudest voice in East Malaysia) and I discuss on the email about QSL card, where I did not include return postage stamp for him to return QSL card. - Sorry Steve. Anyway this is solve.

He also mention to me, his in-bound QSL card also missing somehow and somewhere..he reckon that our local post office has something to do with it. His inbound QSL card never reach his hand. Currently his QSL manager (M0URX) who does his QSLing all this while.

And I some how agree with him.

At one time or I can say many times, when i send out my QSL card to Kuwait, Japan, Russia, Spain, those rare country like Guam, Cyprus ... they look at me puzzle? seem to me never or often in their life receive a letter sender come to them and send to those country like mine, and they really ask what is inside..

Post officer: Apa di dalam? (What inside?)
CBL: "QSL Card"
Post Officer: Apa itu? (What?)
CBL: huh...then..I just say a post card..!
Post Officer: ohh.. they reply.

Now I puzzle how come there is no QSL card coming back...Missing QSL Card? (Local Post Office? again!)

It could be... our QSL card is beautiful in such a way that you can't get it right away at any store nation wide or any part in this world. Is a personalize or custom made QSL card that represent your country or some QSL card feature culture or sometimes pictures of your shack, antenna and even picture of your dog or cat or car and even your family which you can't easily find in normal book store.

So.. it could be! Temptation lead to missing QSL card!


After reading this..Bernama News HERE my mind oh! our neighboring country soon will be a head of us in terms of Amateur Radio field.

ORARI currently working together with Indonesian National Institute of Aeronautics and Space - LAPAN to launch Indonesia Amateur Radio Satellite next year..! that is fast!.

How about Malaysia?...

Here is little snap shot of ORARI-LAPAN Satellite Info..HERE

"Headline Details: A proposal for a microsat carrying FM Voice U/V Transponder with downlink power 5 watts. Packet APRS on 145.825 MHz with downlink power 5 watts. Green laser light for attitude determination. Planned for a launch into a 650km LEO with low (8 degree) inclination from India in early 2010 as a secondary payload with "Megha-Tropique". More information at http://www.amsat-id.net and http://www.lapan.go.id"

Another Satellite to work with in near future!


This is my 1st QSL card from Europe - EA1DR - Many thanks Luis!

I was amaze with the current antenna that I have which I brought it from mdeltaloop website. Amazing is that the propagation on that particular day is not so favouable to me nor to every one in this part of Asia. F2 play the big role here. 1 lambda able to do the superb job. 11000km away from my location - this is my own Guinness record, the furthest that I able to reach!

Thanks Luis, see you again!


This is the procedure about Operating Amateur Radio during Emergency. Setup by IARU - International Amateur Radio Union. IARU Region 3 link is HERE.

You can get a copy of the operating procedure HERE or HERE and adopted by 3 region.

Mostly frequency would be using 80, 40, 20, 17 and 15meter.

Here I make it nicer..


1. General
Amateur radio is one of the radio communication services set up by the International Telecommunication Union. In all these services emergency traffic has absolute priority over their normal operation.
Emergency operation requires an efficient forwarding of traffic. Efficiency of communication is not self-evident in amateur radio so each operator has to think about how he should react in case of emergency and should obtain as much preparedness as possible.

2. Measures in case of emergency

  • if you hear the word "emergency", "welfare-traffic" or the abbreviation QUF - stop transmitting and listen.
  • if you receive such traffic - stand by, observe it and write down all you hear.
  • don't leave the frequency before you are sure that you cannot help and somebody is helping.
  • don't transmit before you are sure that you can help.
  • Follow the instructions the traffic controlling station (if there is one) is giving you. The traffic is controlled by the station in emergency or the station appointed by the station in emergency.
  • keep messages short - don't transmit useless information.
  • in case of interference by other stations, the traffic controlling station or other stations appointed by it should transmit the word "emergency", "welfare-traffic","stop sending" or the abbreviation QUF to the interfering station.
Gather information by following system
When? (date, time, frequency)
Where? (emergency place)
What? (what happened, what is to be done)
How? (how can be helped)
Who? (who is able to help)

3. Confine to communication
Amateur radio is perhaps the last communication possibility in case of emergency. Confine to it. Leave advice and planning of aid to persons and institutions in charge of emergency relief.

4. Message form
Establish contact with persons and organizations involved in the emergency or the relief actions and help them by relaying their traffic.
Communication is most efficient if a message reaches its destination written down exactly as it left the originator. So any originator should write down his message (telegram style) with a sufficient address and normally a sufficient signature.

doctor brown river city (address)
refer to your message November 16
1230 utc stop how many units of xyz do you (text) need.
smith red cross seatown (signature)

5. (1) Preamble
The station which puts the message into the amateur radio network composes the preamble.
The preamble contains the following information in the following order.

station of origin
check (number of words in text)
place of origin
filing time
filing date
The number is a serial number assigned to the message
The precedence may be:
p priority
r routine

Station of origin is the call of the station which first sent the message over the air.

Place of origin is the place (city, town, village, ship) from where the originator sends his message.
Filing time and filing date is the time when the message was originated in utc.

nr 32 p XY1ZZ 26 pool-town 2215 jan 14 =
red cross lake city
please send us information about following persons stop walter smith harbour street 4 stop
adam brown and family water avenue 16 stop eva black rain-way 28 =
information bureau for river district disaster +

(2) Quick preamble
For traffic in vhf-fm nets where communication is easier you may use a shorter type of preamble.
station or origin
filing time

The number is a serial number assigned to the message.
Station of origin is the call of the station which first sent the message over the air.
Filing time is the time when the message is originated.

Nr 4 XY1ZZ 1832 =
hospital lake city =
two more ambulances needed at harbour street =

6. Operation Example Phone
- YX1AA this is XY1ZZ, I have a message, over
- this is YX1AA, I am ready, over
- message begins,
number four
x-ray yankee one zulu zulu one eight three two,
address hospital lake city - text,
two more ambulances needed at harbour street,
message ends, over

- repeat word after more, over
- more ambulances over
- received number four YX1AA out
- ok XY1AA out

7. Operation example cw
- YX1AA de XY1ZZ qtc k
- de YX1AA qrv k
-.-.- Nr 32 p XY1AA 24 poor town 2215 Jan 14 -...-
red cross lake city -...-
please send us information -...-
information bureau for river district disaster .-.-.
- wa please k
- please send k
- de YX1AA qsl 32 sk
- de XY1ZZ ok sk
message begins -.-.-
separation sign -...-
message ends .-.-.

8. Phonetic Alphabet
To avoid confusion use only the following phonetic alphabet
alpha india quebec yankee
bravo juliet romeo zulu

charlie kilo sierra
delta lima tango
echo mike uniform
foxtrot november victor
golf oscar whiskey
hotel papa x-ray

9. Special cw/rtty abbreviations for emergency traffic
QOD can you communicate with me in ...
I can communicate with you in....
0 Dutch 5 Italian
1 English 6 Japanese
2 French 7 Norwegian
3 German 8 Russian
4 Greek 9 Spanish
QTV Shall I stand guard for you on the frequency ... kHz (from ... to ... hrs)?
Stand guard for me on the frequency ... kHz (from ... to... hrs)
QTX Will you keep your station open for further communication with me until further notice (or until ... hrs)?
I will keep my station open for further communication with you until further notice (or until....hrs)
QUA Have you news of ...?
Here is news of ...
QUF Have you received the distress (emergemncy) signal sent by ...?
I have received the distress (emergency) signal sent by ....
QUM May I resume normal working?
You may resume normal working.
QRR Are you ready for automatic operation?
I am ready for automatic operation.

10. What to do afterwards
Do not forget to inform your national society about your emergency - or welfare traffic handling.

Why not publicize our good work?
30.06.98 DJ6TJ


Following two video featuring how HB9MOON EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) communication setup. HB9MOON is a station callsign - IG Radio Astronomie Observatorium Ricken Sued located in Switzerland. Nice country that I wanted to visit some day. Maybe during my retirement long way to go!

Another video is about their successful contacted with one station from Luxembourg - LX1DB. Not Bad! Interesting also! So who wanna try from Malaysia land! You need big power and large Yagi antenna and a huge land to do that! Those who want to do this extreme hobby add me in! I love it!

Enjoy the Youtube!




Atlantis STS-129 set to launch coming Monday at 2: 28 PM (EST), will not only carry spare parts for ISS, and others payload, but this time they will also include Amateur Radio VHF/UHF antenna to be install in Columbus - the laboratory built by the European Space Agency (ESA).

Quote from ARRL Web

"Astronauts will install and deploy our ARISS antennas during the second spacewalk of STS-129. The ham team will monitor the spacewalk activity via a NASA real-time teleconference call. "The new antennas will increase opportunities for the many hams who covet making contacts with astronauts and cosmonauts," White explained. "Frequencies available for transmission to and from Columbus will be 2 meters, 70 centimeters, L-band and S-band. To start, the two Ericcson radios (2 meters and 70 centimeters) that are already on the ISS (but seldom used) will be moved and installed in Columbus."

Read more HERE

More antenna, more enjoyable contact with ISS.


SatPC32 is a software to monitor satellite movement.

Those who has SatPC32 in your PC can head on to http://www.dk1tb.de/indexeng.htm to download new version V.12.8a

What update has being done ? HERE.


I wanted to search for more satellite information and guess what? I bump into this website - Technology Net by Raytown Amateur Radio Club with callsign K0GQ.

Now for those who are into or about to get to know what is Amateur Radio Satellite is? or How to work with the bird (Satellite)? or What Equipment or Antenna to use to work with the Satellite?. Don't worry, You can always refer to Technology Net.

They offer presentation plus audio presentation into it. Great! I recommend it!

Technology Net - Working Amateur Satellites with your HT - Click HERE - http://k0gq.com/technetHTSatellite.htm

Be sure when you go thru the presentation, click also on the audio. With the aid of audio, will give a guide to you when you read the slides and also explanation of the note.

And also browse others presentation, good for your knowledge in Operating a Station to how propagation behave.
Propagation on VHF and above
Amateur Satellite Communications
Amateur Radio Modulation modes

For those who are crazy with digital mode (PS: Our license doesn't carry the Digital mode emission)
Echolink, the system setup for KØGQ-R

Cheers! and 73!

My favourite/daily must surf in the internet to get value information of technology, electronic stuff, DIY out of it. If you like then watch this MAKEZINE

This time Makezine show us how component behave and works..in Youtube

The Resistor

The Inductor

Make Present: The Capacitor
Make Present: The Transistor
Make Present: The Diode
Make Present: The Led
Make Present: The Integrated Circut

Steve 9M6DXX and John 9M6XRO will be operate from Pulau Labuan from 6 ~ 8 November this coming weekend.

Labuan Island is in IOTA list - IOTA OC-133, WLOTA L 0456.

Steve will operate using 9M6DXX/P and John will be 9M6XRO/P

Frequency they will be operating
9M6DXX/P - 10m ~ 80m - SSB only
9M6XRO/P - 10m ~ 160m on CW and RTTY

They will be using Linear Amplifier into a multiband vertical antenna and a160m Inverter V antenna.

All QSL card can be direct or via M0URX.

For more information about this operation visit -- www.m0urx.com

Good Luck and Happy DX!


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