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I re-taps on ham radio with new sites. With this site revive, my Ham Radio life in Malaysia continue with new chapter.

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Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters' Society

GPO Box 10777,

50724 Kuala Lumpur

West Malaysia

E-QSL - I'll will not entertain! I truly need your paper qsl card.


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The old blog is taken down by Google due to unforeseen incident.

Thank you for the support given so far, looking forward to have you read my post in this new website. 73 de 9W2CBL Richard Lam

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Looking something!!!

A Dodge Cobalt car install with many Ham equipment insides and for sale too! I see Kenwood, Yeasu, Icom, Scanner, GPS, HF equipment SWR Analyser, Some of the equipment that I needed in my base also inside that car.

Source from HERE - http://jalopnik.com/5428800/ham-radio-car-sale-photos/

Enjoy more picture of this car by click the link above.

Happy New Year!


Here the following webpages enable you to know your grid locations.

Key in your callsign or address and you will know your grid location.
(Note: Provided you have information on QRZ.com.)
What this website do is, it will link to QRZ.com and retrieve your information and appear in the map and give you the grid location.

Click this - Amateur Radio Ham Radio Maidenhead Grid Square Locator Map

My friend - JR1WZI Arai-san (9M2WZI) - PM95sk

Alternatively, if you don't have information or not yet register with QRZ.com, below link is to a website and all you need to do is find your way to your house on google map and click it and grid locator with coordinate will appear.

Click here - Find your QTH location (or your grid square) with googlemaps

Here is the town where I live, Seremban town grid locator - OJ02xr

Happy New Year!


It's the most wonderful time of the year.... by Andy Williams and it goes like this..

It's the most wonderful time of the year
With the kids jingle belling
And everyone telling you "Be of good cheer"
It's the most wonderful time of the year
It's the hap-happiest season of all
With those holiday greetings and gay happy meetings
When friends come to call
It's the hap- happiest season of all 

Yup is the most wonderful times of the year for me during my teens even now too. With Christmas presents floating surrounding the Christmas trees, Carolers singing Christmas songs, Santa giving goodies to children, Beautiful lights on Christmas Trees blinking non-stop and all these makes me joy and happy. But What really Christmas is to me? Yes! It does give me joy and happiness. But What really is?

Christmas is celebrated on every 25th December, however this date is not known to be Jesus actual birthday. This date may have chosen to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Christians around the world watch this date as day of Thanksgiving and celebration the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Christmas is also widely celebrate by many non-Christians in today's world. Exchange greeting cards, go to church that host celebrations, gift giving, put up decoration of Christmas trees, hang mistletoe around house, go to bar/pub to enjoy all night on the eve of Christmas and Cheers when clock strike 12 and date change to 25th Dec.

Today's meaning of Christmas is totally different during my times when I was young. Today Christmas celebration has cut short to X'Mas. Now from "Christ"Mas to "X"-Mas it means that today X-Mas will be celebrated without Christ. How can it be? I born into a Christian family, my whole family is Christian. During my grown up years, the true meaning of Christmas was properly told by my mum and papa. Now is a spoil to me.

This year my church will hold a Church Thanksgiving Service in one of Hotel ballroom. This year Thanksgiving will be different from other years Thanksgiving service held. The service will be in comfort zone enable you to grasp the message clear and un-disturbed situation and also allowed you to sized the moment to learn about what Christmas is.

I used to attend this Thanksgiving Service every year, this year I will also be there too. If you within the area do drop by... here is the location.

Christmas Thanksgiving Service
Time: 10am ~ 12pm
Place: Ballroom

The Royale Bintang Resort & SPA Seremban
Jalan Dato' A.S Dawood
70100 Seremban
Negeri Sembilan
GPS coordinate: N2 43 18.6 E101 56 42.9

This piece of posting is for me to introduce my Church Thanksgiving Service and also my Christmas thought sharing only. It not to hurt any parties or any other religions.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I join the ARRL 10M band contest, start from 0000 UTC Saturday and ends at 2359 UTC Sunday (December 12 – 13, 2009)

This is the two days results.


VR2ZQZ/P; UTC: 08:23; Freq: 28.490.5; SSB; 001
A61BK; UTC: 08:49; Freq: 28.509.0; SSB; 002

VK8AA; UTC: 05:44; Freq: 28.490.0; SSB; 003
YB5AQB; UTC: 06:18; Freq: 28.495.0; SSB: 004
VK3FZ; UTC: 06:23; Freq: 28.495.0; SSB; 005
VK3XQ; UTC: 06:24; Freq: 28.495.0; SSB; 006
YC1DYY; UTC: 06:29; Freq: 28.495.0; SSB; 007
VK4ZD; UTC: 06:32; Freq: 28.495.0; SSB: 008
VK8FJ; UTC: 06:32; Freq: 28.495.0; SSB; 009
YB0NFL; UTC: 06:33; Freq: 28.495.0; SSB; 010
VK4NEF; UTC: 06:45; Freq: 28.495.0; SSB; 011
VK6IR; UTC: 06:46; Freq: 28.495.0; SSB; 012
VK4TJF; UTC: 06:47; Freq: 28.495.0; SSB; 013
VK4HAM; UTC: 07:00; Freq: 28.485.0; SSB; 014
VK2DAG; UTC: 07:15; Freq: 28.497.0; SSB; 015
VK3VIN; UTC:07:16; Freq: 28.497.0; SSB; 016
VK2HAK; UTC: 07:17; Freq: 28.497.0; SSB; 017
ZL4CZ; UTC: 07:18; Freq: 28.497.0; SSB; 018
VK7ZE; UTC: 07:43; Freq: 28.467.0; SSB; 019

Total 19 QSO's, Work 5 DXCC, and my score is only 190points. Way to low to compete with big station that have vast experience in DX competition. Not too proud of it, but I enjoy every contact that I made.

I almost cover VK. Left only VK0, 1 and 9. Yesterday I did heard one station from VK1 but the signal is too weak to copy.

Will try again next year.

Cheers! 73!

Quite a long time I have not posted any QSL card. Today receive one QSL card from long distance. This is QSL card come from southeastern Europe - Greece, birthplace of democracy, historiography, Mathematical principles, Olympic Games and literature and also Ham Radio..!

Thank for the contact!


VR2HAM, Hong Kong Amateur Radio Communication Associations, has activated VR2EAG. A special callsign to celebrate The 5th East Asian Games 2009 hosted in Hong Kong.

VR2EAG will be operate from 5th Dec ~ 13th Dec.

This is their QSL card for this event - Nice!

All QSL via as follow:

HK Amateur Radio Communications Association
GPO BOX 7191
Hong Kong

More information please click here - http://www.vr2ham.net or http://vr2ham-hk.com/

Happy DX!



This is the most famous HF transceiver support up to 70cm produce by Icom - IC-706MKIIG, it is a sad to hear that Japan Manufacturer located in Wakayama will cease it's production. Therefore IC-706MKIIG will go to museum this time. First debut in year 1999 and ever since then this unit is most favorite to Amateur Radio Operator when comes to portable operation and DX operation. It is say that IC-7000 is the replacement for 706.

The reason is that there are some component is not available, that make the crucial decision to cease productions.

Read more about it here - ICOM IC-706MKIIG the final word!

It will be a good equipment,  a valuable equipment to be kept!. I heard that Japan Amateur Radio shop or the Auction, you can't find any more MKIIG to be sell.

I'm looking for it a year now..! Still no luck!

Bye! Bye! MKIIG.


This motto is familiar with Amateur Radio - "When All else fails..." this motto is first started by ARRL in year 2003 for their field day demonstration to public on how important Amateur Radio is when comes to disaster.

Linux Journal is a journal for computing. They release a article related by Amateur Radio with the title "When all Else Fails - Amateur Radio, the Original Open-Source Project by KG4GIY"

"Suppose I want to send data from one point to another without a wire between them? Shawn just passed me an 802.11a/b/g/n device, and we are off to the races, right? But, what if there is no network to plug it in to? Gary Robinson shows us how to pass data without an 802.11a/b/g/n device using your PC, Fldigi and an Amateur Radio transceiver. This is one of the ways that FEMA and other aid agencies send supply lists, like how many cell towers need to be brought into an area during the early stages of an emergency when the only ones passing messages are the Amateurs."
He is trying to use his daily computing example to relate back to Amateur Radio.

Linux is open source program for PC. Amateur Radio is also an Open Source for communication. When comes to problem with Windows, Linux comes to help with open source, you can program what you like to display. So, When all else fails.. Amateur Radio the open source communication will get the communication up again.


These days my heart contain asking me to learn morse code! I do not know Why lately my heart behave like that? I talk to my heart why these days you are saying to me "learn morse code!" "learn morse code!". No reply from my heart. Today morning wake up and my mind say to me " you got to find morse code machine to learn". So to keep them shut their reminder activities and here I google around this morning and found this Morse Machine that teach morse code quite interesting also.

And tell them back "Hey! I found what you all wanted!"

The Morse Code Teaching Machine orignated by Ward Cunningham - WA9VRU and HERE.

I download the new version written by Jim Wilson - WA5BRB. The software can be download from HERE pointed out by G4ILO.

What it does is that, this program teaches you to hear the morse code send by computer and all you need to do is keying the correct character/numbers/symbols. If you did NOT/MISSED punch the correct one, it will repeat until you key in the correct character and right after that next character/numbers/symbols will test you again.

Every time you hit right key the bar will move down. This is my result after 30mins practicing and start evaluation..

Looks like towards the end I lose my concentration...! The bar graph doesn't come down. My difficulties to recognize the rhythm is "5" "V" "H" "S" "E" "=" and those are simple tone.

The speed and tone can be adjust to suit your learning curve. Min - 20wpm, Max - 80wpm.

I will try to do some practice every day as long as I can. Saying is easy, actual I'm lazy!!!

Enjoy the program.

22nd Dec 2009 - I almost going to hit the rock bottom of all the A~Z and 0~9


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