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I re-taps on ham radio with new sites. With this site revive, my Ham Radio life in Malaysia continue with new chapter.

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Tokyo Metro Subway Manner Poster
Let your Manner be Good!
Most countries that I had visited, the most impressive manner you can enjoy is from the Land of Rising Sun - Japan.
Manner to them is important. It carries down from generation to generation until today young generation, they still have good practice of their manner.
Poster beside taken from Tokyo Metro Subway.  Is a public education picture teaches the subway user not to "Jump the Q" to get into train and Please get on the train in turn. Was this a proper manner being as human being.
Sad that in Malaysia Jumping Q is normal, There are times people fight for the jump Q.

More of Japan manner poster click below:
Vintage Tokyo subway manner Poster

And I was amaze and an eye opener to me when I was in Japan taking train to Big Sight Tokyo to attend Tokyo Ham Fair in year 2008 with my friend 9M2WZI, Arai-san and what's the poster says, it says in real life. "Getting into train in turns!"

Same thing in HF Operating. Is good to have proper manner when you operate your stations. Not only you represent yourself, you are also represent the whole country Ham Radio Operator.

As I posted before:

"Good Apple in whole basket of apple will bring joy to everyone, one bad apple, the whole basket apple will be thrown away." 

Here I list down my thoughts of Good operating manners that I practice and I believe you can do better than me.
  1. I always keep clear and will not interfere the frequency when someone is occupying it.
  2. I always search for unoccupied frequency for me to operate, by listen and also watch Worldwide DXcluster.
  3. I Don't Jump Q to catch the other station whom are trying to make QSO, I will wait for the DX station called for CQ again, only then I move in.
  4. I Hear properly the DX station is calling upon. Ex: CQ Japan, CQ Japan mean he is calling for specific country. I will not cut in from Malaysia and made QSO with the station.
  5. If I want to talk long and occupy the frequency! I will move up 5~10kc or down 5~10kc from DX window and continue my ragchew.
  6. I would not call for the DX station to switch mode, which he already planned ahead to be in that mode. Ex: CW to SSB just to make contact to me and Let him switch back to CW to continue his DXpedition. Unless I and him is best friend!
  7. I will not call for the DX station to qso with me, when I totally can't hear his signal. Is a commonsense to me that ... I can't hear means I can't qso, if I can hear, I have the possibility. 
  8. I will not ask DX station to shift frequencies, If really needed I will ask in friendly manner to shift the frequency when I discover high QRM or QRN on that particular frequency he operate.
  9. I will not gain monetary thru QSL card exchange. I will gauge a proper amount for your QSL card return postage.
  10. I follow DX Code of Conduct for my HF operation. 
Again, this SOP of HF Operating is based on my own understanding and I not here to teach you, I'm here to share my knowledge and at the same time learn. In this hobby is always to me "There is no teacher and no student. We are teacher and at the same time student."

If you have better thought on this, we can discuss more about it by dropping in to the comment or email to me: cblam73@gmail.com


9W2CBL SOP HF Operating

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