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I re-taps on ham radio with new sites. With this site revive, my Ham Radio life in Malaysia continue with new chapter.

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Lately whenever I have opportunity of 20minutes windows in a day, What am I going to do with it? I will practicing my handwriting he! he!. Yup! when I have that chance I will switch on my mp3 player and the player will play dit's and dah's. With dit's and dah's sound keep on playing for the 20mins windows, my hand keep decipher it and Oh! my! after 20mins this is the result of my bad hand writting! and wrong writing. - Bad!

Yup! now learning new skill - CW! It was fun for the 20mins, I wish that I have many more minutes to go. With long timing to decode the code is the best, still people say that try to keep it 15 ~ 20mins time frame would be a best to have our mind record the songs, rhythm of dit's and dah's

So am I going this time exam? Think So! or Maybe! or Might Not! 


Announce from UN: Haiti Government declares search and rescue effort over today, 11 days after a devastating quake killed an estimated 200,000 people. With that IARU-R1 (International Amateur Radio Union - Region 1) has call to end the service of the frequency being use for emergency to be back to normal use.

Amateur Radio has being actively participate together with the rescuer to establish communication to communicate with the rest of the world manily reporting the situation of Haiti, connect communication with concern family.

From 1800UTC 22 January the HF frequencies used to respond to the immediate needs of the Haiti Earthquake, 14.300MHz, 14.265MHz , 7.045MHz, 7.065MHz, 7.265MHz, 3.720MHz, 3.977MHz will return to normal use. The groups who have been passing messages on those frequencies will revert to monitoring mode or their normal operations.

There are still a number of radio amateurs in the country attached to various relief groups who may still be heard on the amateur bands on a number of frequencies according to their particular needs to maintain contact with their home countries.

Please maintain the normal procedures of:

    • Listen before transmitting
    • If you hear any station passing emergency traffic then leave the frequency clear and avoid causing QRM.
Thanks to everyone for their assistance during this emergency.

Source: IARU-RI - Haiti Earthquake - Final


Following of two YouTube video show how important Amateur Radio is, when come to disaster situation, communication is vital point.

When telephones, internet, and power are cut off, Amateur Radio fills vital communications needs. Fred Moore of Florida, callsign W3ZU provides a radio/telephone patch for Jean-Robert Gaillard, callsign HH2JR, of Port au Prince. Audio captured by Brian Crow. Images (c) their respective owners.

Ham operator Brian "Paul" Veal, N0AH, on the local FOX station in Denver talking about the Haiti Earthquake and how important Ham Radio plays a role in Emergency communications. January 13, 2010. Sitting with him is his daughter Anna, W0ANT.


MCMC- The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission has announce that they will hold 1st  examination for Radio Amateur and CW for the year 2010 as follow:

Details - HERE (Eng) or HERE (Bahasa Malaysia)

Morse Code Test - CW; 17th March 2010 - 10am at MCMC HQ building in Cyberjaya, Selangor
Closing date for application of CW test is 5th Feb 2010.

Radio Amateur Examination - RAE; 14th April 2010 - 2pm at 2 location - Northern Region (Penang) and Central Regions (Cyberjaya).
Closing date for application of RAE test is 12th Feb 2010.

More details - MCMC

Application form for CW - HERE
Application form for RAE - HERE

Me going this time for CW test? Think So!


This is example of Amateur Radio display it's important functionality - establishing communication with disaster area. KIAH-TV Channel 39 Huston News - a video Reporting mostly interview on Ham Operator in Amateur Radio Emergency Operating room located in Huston.


Update from IARU Region 2 regards to the Amateur Radio Operation in Haiti.

RCD and URDA en route to Haiti
Last minute information: After arriving to Port au Prince the HI8RCD/HH team had to abort their mission due to the present insecurity, the 8 member team arrived safely to Jimani. The team installed a VHF repeater that covers both Port au Prince and Santo Domingo and it’s being used by the Red Cross and the Civil Defense.

Victor Baez, HI8VB, Secretary of the Radio Club Dominicano (RCD) reports that the RCD with UDRA, UniĆ³n Dominicana de Radio Aficionados, are preparing to go to Port au Prince early morning of Friday January 15 to install an emergency radio Communications stastion, HI8RCD/HH, and a mobile station.

Victor has a blog which hopefully he will update with more news from Haiti: www.hi8vb.tk
Frequencies which will be used by Radio Club Dominicano -RCD- with the callsign HI8RCD/HH from the Embassy of the Dominican Republic will be 7.045, 7.065, 7.265, and 3.720 (Recommended for Emergency Communication by IARU), and the 2m repeater at 147.970. Please keep these frequencies clear from interference.

Follow the news of the support radio amateurs are providing in Haiti: http://twitter.com/iaru_r2

Source: http://www.iaru-r2.org/

Every times your impossible could be possible! and that possible can come true is using by money. If you want to have own Satellite in the sky orbiting, now is possible by paying $8000 to build yourself or ask someone to do it for you. TubeSat Personal Satellite Kit - Interesting!

The $8000 cost is included the Kit and also launch to space. Once in the space, your TubeSats will be operating for few months before your TubeSats decending itself to earth and burn in space and there goes your $8000.

This TubeSats will be orbits 310km (192miles) above the earth, is a LEO (Low-Earth Orbit) Sats. The weight of the TubeSats is only  0.75kg or 1.65lb.

This TubeSat also can be customize according to your own experiment or function that you wanted to do. Is power by Solar cells.



With this morning Earthquake reading of 7.0 strike Haiti, badly hit the town Port-Au-Prince. It is request that All amateur radio station to keep clear on frequency 7.045 and 3.720KHz for emergency use.

Reported that as late as 0245UTC, There is no signal being heard from any Amateur Radio Station in Haiti.

Source: CQ / WorldRadio Online Newsroom on January 13, 2010

Some ham radio activity from Haiti is beginning to be heard, following yesterday’s devastating earthquake.
Father John Henault, HH6JH, in Port-au-Prince, made contact late Wednesday morning with the Intercontinental Assistance and Traffic Net (IATN) on 14.300 MHz, the IARU Global Centre of Activity frequency for emergency communications. Based on relays monitored at W2VU, Father John reported that he and those with him were safe, but had no power and no phone service. He was operating on battery power and hoping to get a generator running later in the day. He asked the station copying him, William Sturridge, KI4MMZ, in Flagler Beach, Florida, to telephone relatives with information that he was OK.

The following frequencies are in use for earthquake-related traffic and should be kept clear unless you are able to provide requested assistance: 14300 (IATN), 14265 (SATERN); 7045 (IARU Region II) and 3720 (IARU Region II) kHz. Additional frequencies may be activated on different bands at different times of day, so be sure to listen carefully before transmitting to make sure you are not interfering with emergency traffic.

Source: QRZ.com

This time the arson attack No.8 Church in Malaysia. The church being hit is Gereja SIB (Sidang Injil Borneo) Seremban located in Lake View Square, Seremban 2.

When I arrive at the scene after my work, I was amaze that the door of the church was not badly hit by the arson, just only burn mark can be seen from the door.

Click to enlarge it to see closer the condition of the door

SIB GPS location - N2 41.603 E101 55.011 (Malfreemaps)

Latest incident took place in my own hometown and about 15km away from my home. I have nothing to say about when I arrived at the church front door, just a minutes of silent myself and say a prayer and praises for what God has done to protect the door of this church.

I was wondering over there.. Why do they have to do this to vein out their dissatisfaction over a certain religion issue? Was it a proper way to settle this? Was it a good way to end it..

This posting is not a post to hit out to any religions. Is just sharing my thoughts towards this incident.

9W2CBL in support for Peace!


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