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I re-taps on ham radio with new sites. With this site revive, my Ham Radio life in Malaysia continue with new chapter.

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Looking something!!!

JD1/o Ogasawara Islands Dxpedition will be activate by 4 amateur radio operators they consists of

Stan AC8W (JD1BNK)

4 Operator will activate Chichi-jima Island (AS-031) from March 28 to April 12. They will mostly operate or active in CW, SSB and RTTY on 160m up to 6m.

This is their website

If you miss them don't worry, JD1BMH will also operate from May 2nd up to May 14th according to the Website here

Good Luck!


I have this unit and right now I tempted to Repair It Yourself (RIY) and bring back this unit back to normal operation. Is a TR-751 Kenwood all mode VHF transceiver. This unit is meant for my Satellite operation and the max output power is 25W and is just enough for a Satellite operation.

I don't need that much power to communicate with SAT, I will just run QRP with this unit to work on any Bird in the sky, mostly on 5W output power with my 3 Element Yagi Antenna.

The problem now is the volume not functioning well, this will cause the volume of the unit to be intermittent low or high or sometimes no sound at all.

A quick dismantle out from the front panel, it has code stamp on it - AC 9402

I did a quick search on the internet, I can't find this part that can be purchase off from the internet.

I went to local electronic store and ask them about it and the answer I got is "not selling".

This component is multiple operation it houses 2 variable resistor meant for SQL and Vol and push-button type for Power switch ON and OFF.

If anyone of you that has information about this component where I can purchase, please drop me comment.


Update: Thanks for both gentlemen 9W6YCT and JR1WZI(9M2WZI) tips and comment.
1st comment from Yung (9W6YCT) give me this link - TR751/851 volume repair DIY of where this person did some repair to the same issue that I face.
2nd tips is from my Japanese friend Arai-san (JR1WZI aka 9M2WZI) with a quick temporary repair by using quick turning left and right with many times. I did try that tonight, but it turn out to be fail for this component. I believe it already beyond repairable.
3rd Option: Buy from the website given by 9W6YCT but the website is in Japanese - Sigh!

Thanks guys!


I have founded with those Dxpedition. The one that I had in DVD is the BS7H - Scarborough Reef Dxpedition 2007, and I found it interesting. Then 9M6YBG borrow me 3B7C - St. Brandon Dxpedition 2004 and 2007 also interesting. The best interesting part watching those video, I got to know how the team were setup and how they arranging those antenna, how the whole dxpedition plan properly, how the team works establish to make any Dxpedition a success and this is serious Dxpedition.

When 9M6YBG drop by Seremban for a short visit yesterday (08th March) as he pass by from KL back to Johor and he pass me DVD of the 2 Dxpedition of 3B7C, we meet up together with 9M2IDJ. What else? He also show us another Dxpedition by Japanese Team. 7J1RL Dxpedition in year 1976. A Group of JARL Members organize Dxpedition to the Island Okino Torishima. I Google around to search for the video, and I found it. Hosted by Google Video.

The 7J1RL is the Serious Dxpedition. The sad thing is that 7J1RL is no more in DXCC list.


My most wanted technology juice to keep me fill up my mind every month is PopSci. Now they have archive their entire 137 years of their monthly publication can be access easily via internet.

That's bring me to see on those days technology that what has spur today's world technology and getting more hightech for me to keep up! Amazing! And what on those days that still exist today and love by all amateur radio operator when comes to operating CW will be the morse code. In this publication year 1932 featuring Learn Code and get license.. Those days Amateur Radio is about Morse Code, the most technological way of getting message across. - Cool! - Click HERE to read the article.

This make possible by working together with Google books. I enjoy reading it and continue now searching those days Amateur Radio activities.

Enjoy! 73!

This is shack of CE3PG after the Chile Earthquake. Some of his unit place on the shack trembling down during the earthquake that strike Chile with magnitude of 8.3 recorded in the richter scale pass 2 weeks ago.


Saw this on the cluster just a moment ago! I do not know what idoits that we ham is doing it! We are not that idoits, is a hobby that everyone enjoy it!

Cheers up people!


This is my weekend activities, condition not so helpful at times and Malaysian weather also damn not helpful at times also.

This is what I got so far..!

06 March 2010

VK2PB; UTC: 05:30; Freq: 28.490; SSB; Out: 59 In: 59
9W2KGV; UTC: 08:48; Freq: 28.485; SSB; Out: 55 In: 55

5I3A; UTC: 09:01; Freq: 28.003; CW; Out: 599+20dB
VQ9LA; UTC:09:04; Freq: 28.001; CW; Out: 599+10dB

On Saturday I manage to heard Tanzania and Chagos Island on CW band, but I can't work with them. Mostly VK station that I heard in SSB.
07 March 2010
XX9LT; UTC:08:45; Freq: 28.45; SSB; Out:59 In:59
9M2ADX; UTC: 08:54; Freq: 29.600; FM; Out: 59 In:59
YB3IZK; UTC: 09:49; Freq: 28.485; SSB: Out: 59 In:59
VR2VLY; UTC: 09:54; Freq: 28.485; SSB: Out: 55 In: 57

On Sunday, interesting is that Macau station come in strong enough for me to work with him. I believe he has upgrade his station. Perviously I only heard him with weak signal and unable to work with him and today I can work with him with pretty signal 59.
10M band FM mode also interesting enough for me to work with 9M2ADX situated in Kuala Lumpur and subsequently, heard many China station work with him and come in strong too.

Quite a few European and Russian station occupied the frequency too, I can't work with time as I hurry to go to Church to attend evening service.

Overall this weekend I manage to have 1 new country to add into my list of QSO and 3 new station.

Great weekend! Great QSO workout! See you all again!


T32 Southern Line Islands Dxpedition will be active by a group of Amateur Radio lead by Nils-Goran Persson, SM6CAS with team Nils - SM6CAS, Steve - G4EDG, Mike - K9AJ, Derek - G3KHZ, Steve - 9M6DXX and 5 Kiribati Government officers.

Total 4 uninhabited IOTA which have never been activated, will be activated back to create another pile up and enjoyable DX. Those island will be activated:
  • OC-279 Malden Island - Callsign T32MI
  • OC-280 Starbuck Island - Callsign T32SI
  • OC-281 Caroline Island - Callsign T32CI
  • OC-282 Vostok Island - Callsign T32VI
They will be there a month start from 17th March (The day I attend Graduate Diploma course and I Skipped CW test on the same day they start!) up to 18th April.

More info is all on their website -  T32 IOTA Dxpedition

Good Luck and All the Best!


I used to use my desktop computer to login all my QSO by using HRD system. Is a great software develop by HRD Team. I use it frequently when I goes on air to make contact or to monitor the band condition, Cluster and login to their Logbook at the same time.

With now my desktop went dead on me, all my QSO will be pen down on paper!

Ah! Went back to my school days - Hand writing.! and this weekend I have to work on my desktop to see what going with it and try to bring back alive. I can't lose all my contact that I have log it in, in HRD logbook.

Just praying that is not Hard Disk failure and hoping is something else!


Reach home from work late, went into my shack and switch on my FT-900 and below that I manage to catch before the band die off and goes off as the night welcome in.

4O3A; UTC: 10:54; Freq: 28.495; SSB; Out: 55 In: 55
A41NN; UTC: 11:02; Freq: 28.500; SSB; Out: 55 In: 55

2 New country for me! Great DX

Hope to hear from you again!


It is requested by IARU R2 and the Red Chilena Nor Austral Servicio (RECNA) to the Amateur Radio Operator around the world that following frequencies are to be free from operating for both association to work on the relief communication for the Chile Earthquake that stike on 27th Feb with magnitude of 8.3 recorded in the richter scale.

The frequencies be avoided are as follow:

More info HERE


When I saw the announcement of MCMC on CW test to be conducted on Month of March, my mind says to me.. Hey Richard aka 9W2CBL! Die Die must go this time.

Indeed is a "YES" answer! Without any hesitation, I went to my local post office apply for RM50 dollar Wang POS and send the related document to MCMC applying for the CW test.

After few weeks, last Saturday, I gladly receive letter approval for me to sit for the CW examination.

And Today Monday morning indeed a bright morning, and enjoyable day driving to office. Happily clock in and open my office computer to start my work. The first email that I receive has my eyes pop up, my heart start to pump like a mad dog, my mind can't think off anything than what my intend to achieve in this month of March.

The email is not about complaint from customer regards to the product my company that I work. Is not about complaint on my attitude of working. Is not about complaint on my staff that I'm taking care.

Is about the course that I take. Associate Diploma in Business Studies program held by my company. Is great to learn and acquired new skill to develop myself. I have two more subject to complete and graduate. So, guess what, they schedule it and hit the day I wanted to upgrade my skill of morse code. @#$%%^%!!

Class Schedule
1. Human Resource & Organizational Behavior (3 days) - schedule March 17~19.
2. Marketing & International Marketing (2 days) - schedule April 21~22

CW Exam Schedule
Morse Code Test - CW; 17th March 2010 - 10am at MCMC HQ building in Cyberjaya, Selangor

See both schedule start on 17th March. So what so special of this 17th March?

A quick call to my HR...

Richard: Can you schedule the class to earlier week..
Organizer: No, cannot, you need to schedule your leave
Richard: Can't! I have exam to attend.
Organizer: So, which one is important to your life, studies or your exam.
Richard: Both is very important.
Organizer: No, I can shift the date, you make your decision yourself. You don't attend you are out!
Richard: !@#$%^

My bright monday instantly become a black monday!

Is a hard decision. I need the test to upgrade myself and I have to attend this class too!

"So am I going this time exam? Think So! or Maybe! or Might Not!"

This time I have to say "I SKIP, NO to this time CW examination"

See you in second half!


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