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I re-taps on ham radio with new sites. With this site revive, my Ham Radio life in Malaysia continue with new chapter.

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Here is just my fun of recording QSO using my Nokia N97, after my QSO with 8N0K at 28.505Mhz on 25th April 2010. Nothing to do. Switch on and make a recording. Right after my QSO, 9M2ADX jump in, thereafter 9M2IDJ hop in. 3 Station receive good signal.

Every conversation was done by Japanese. When I did my QSO in English and is a short just exchange name and signal report. But with Japanese you can go as lengthy as you can.. hi hi!

Here you are both of my friends..

8N0K is a special event station callsign to celebrate 70th Anniversary of Kashiwazaki-city, Niigata prefecture, island of Honshu. This callsign will be activated from 1st April to 30th Sept 2010. QSL via the JARL Bureau.


VK100WIA is a special callsign to celebrate 100 years in Amateur Radio service in Australia. Most probably the oldest Amateur Radio society in the world. This callsign will be sought by many amateur radio in the world when start to operate from 1st of May up to 31st Oct 2010.

VK100WIA will be operate by club station in Australia by rotation basis. A rooster has setup for club station to operate with this special callsign.

This is their QSL card - Nice! Looking forward to work with them.

See you in the air!


International Amateur Radio Union Region 3 (IARU R3) recently release Newsletter is available for user to download and read.

In this report you will get to know about what happen surrounding Amateur Radio society in Region 3 such as

  • Devastating of Earthquake in China (brief report)
  • Asia-Pacific Telecommunity Conference (APG) report
  • IARU R1 seeking R3 to host High Speed Telegraphy World Championship 2011
  • Look out for WIA Centenary Award contact - more info HERE 
  • If you are YL ham radio operator, why not head to Adelaide and join the 2012 International YL meet
  • Expansion of 40M band! - Implementation in Malaysia? Answer is "YES" - HERE - 9M2 enjoy it!
  • Region 3 Award - Guys! go ahead and apply for it! as far as I known 9W2RZL and Me has it! More details - HERE or PDF - HERE
Read all HERE in PDF format.


S56P - Mr. BOĊ TJAN SEVER - Thanks! Today only reach my house. This QSL card came from Slovenia, a country located at Central Europe.

Many Thanks! Hope to see you again, Hvala lepa!


Posting QSL card is back for me.. this is what I take out from my letter box today. QSL card from UT3IZ - Mikhail aka Mike from Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe

Many thanks! Hope to catch you again in 10M band sometimes soon!


This came today inside my letter box, a QSL card from Macau, from a station XX9LT Mr. Voon!.

Nice one! with Ruins St.Paul's is the most famous landmark of Macau one need to visit once step into Macau. It's bring me fond memory when I was there in early Dec 2007.

Many Thanks!

Hope to see you again!


Image taken from CCTV9 English Channel
7.1 magnitude Quake hit China again, this time the ground shake at Yushu County, located on the Tibetan plateau, Qinghai Province early Wednesday morning. As of today the death toll has risen to about 760 and still growing. With current weather situation over at Qinghai plus the road condition cause by the earthquake, it is hard to reach the victim.

With local telecommunication down, Local Ham in China is there to help out and establish communication.

It is request that all amateur radio to keep these two frequency 7050Khz and 7060Khz clear in order for them to make communication easy at the disaster area for rescue and recovery efforts. Currently BG9UA, BG9UP and BG9UO in the disaster area to help out.

Read all the report from IARU R1 - HERE

My prayer and thoughts goes out to the victim friends and family who are in the disaster zone. Be Strong my fellow Chinese commorates. 


Today when I try to post a DX spots via Dxsummit website, it require me to login before post up my DX spot. Apparently Dxsummit has being working to curb any hacker to post unnecessary DX spot. Is a good move with lately I have being seeing a lot of spot that is not related to DX.

If you did not register or login and try to post DX spots, it will not allow you to proceed further

Good Move! Now everyone can have a peaceful inputing data to Dxsummit.

Post up any distance station that have made. Post up local contact won't give any clue on how the condition is. Is a great help to post up DX station, than only we know how the condition would be.


Is 18years since POS Malaysia went from Non-corporatised to full corporatised function organization and since then I enjoy sending greeting card, well wishes card, Spam letter, love letters, hate letters, Job Applications, Income Tax and recently QSL card around Malaysia with RM0.30 value of stamp on each letter.

With today newspaper announcement, this coming 1st July, POS Malaysia will increase its domestic postage stamp for it's 1st time since 18years from RM0.30 to RM0.60 for all standard mail that weight up to 20g. For those weight above 20g up to 50g will be revised too from 40sen to 70sen.

Luckily my QSL card is not that heavy, less than 20g, this time I will fork out RM0.60/QSL card send to local ham.

International postage rate remain unchanged. phew...!

Check the news here - The Star

Happy Posting! my fellow Ham!

Updated - 24th July 2010
1st July reach and POS Malaysia has increase it's postage for local mail. Get their latest rate HERE


This is the view of How many Amateur Radio in each country. The census information data coming from IARU. With the data from IARU, N0HR created the map.

Japan top the list, second come United States, 3rd comes from our neighboring country up north - Thailand. Malaysia rank at 72 with Amateur Radio licenses is 381 register. This data could be wrong as current MCMC data is well over 7000 mark being register, that should be at rank 25 after Hungary.

This census data could be over due, still can show you roughly how many amateur radio is register world wide. We have about 3 Millions Amateur Radio hobby world wide.

This is the weekend 10M band for me. 10M band come alive at night recently with Europe and South America Continents station calling CQ. Some of the station in Malaysia work more than me and enjoy more than contacting the station. Is a great Weekend and truly the condition is improving.

Here is what I worked!
02/04/2010; HZ1BL; UTC: 10:42; Freq: 28.520; In: 59 Out: 59
02/04/2010; V51AS; UTC: 10:48: Freq: 28.471; In: 44 Out: 59
02/04/2010; ZR1ADI; UTC: 10:53; Freq: 28.475; In: 56 Out: 59
02/04/2010; ZS2CX; UTC: 11:04: Freq: 28.482; In: 59 Out: 59
03/04/2010; CT3FQ; UTC: 14:10; Freq: 28.495; In: 59 Out: 55
04/04/2010; PY7RP; UTC: 14:23; Freq: 28.497; In: 59 Out: 57
04/04/2010; VU2DSI; UTC: 14:30; Freq: 28.491; In: 59 Out: 57

Nice work out for me. 5 new countries, 7 new stations.


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