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I re-taps on ham radio with new sites. With this site revive, my Ham Radio life in Malaysia continue with new chapter.

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Today evening I had a nice dinner with 9M2IDJ and he share with me Sunday (30th May) QSO that he had, a wonderful experience that he had. After hearing whom he had qso that he had done, make me sad further, at that time I was out from home to attend my Sunday Church Evening Service, therefore I can't enjoy as what he has.

So right after my dinner with him, I straight go back home and try my luck today, and below is what I work out tonight! A nice QSO with you guys from West Malaysia...

1. M0HKB; 11:35z; Freq: 28.480; In:55; Out: 56; SSB
2. G0KPW; 11:36z; Freq: 28.480; In:56; Out: 59; SSB
3. RA3EA; 11:50z; Freq: 28.487; In: 57; Out: 55; SSB
4. RN3DY; 12:10z; Freq: 28.502; In: 55; Out: 55; SSB
5. EX8MAT; 12:12z; Freq: 28.502; In: 58; Out: 58; SSB
6. UA6AA; 12:23z; Freq: 28.502; In: 59; Out: 59: SSB
7. RW3DD; 12:26z; Freq: 28.502; In: 59; Out: 59; SSB

I can only manage to have that numbers of stations. On 30th May which is Sunday where I out from my home, 9M2IDJ manage to work 52 stn mainly from EU and Middle East. He also manage to work with E4X and as for today He manage to have 35 stn, all the contact were from Europe station. Great workout for him!

See you again in 10M Band!

British Pathe - a website featuring video that comes from century old (older than me) covering documentaries, entertainment, historical and etc etc. What is that attracted me to have a look at this site is as follow:

EVE's wireless..is about two women walk towards hydrant and connect a radio set wire to the hydrant and open up their umbrella which has wire surrounding it act as antenna to receive signal.

Second video shows how great grandpa or papa receive radio signal while on the go.. "On the air" Waves. Cool inventions

Enjoy it as I enjoy myself watching it!


This is the full fledged details of all DX contest you can find in website. This site develop by WA7BNM - Bruce.
Be it local held DX Contest to anyway in the world that can be find by just click HERE (http://www.hornucopia.com/contestcal/contestcal.html).

This month have many DX contest, the only interesting for me is this...

CQ WPX CW contest will be held from 0000Z, May 29 (Sat) to 2359Z to May 30 (Sun), 2010
I come in as SWL again!


I receive SMS regards to the New spectrum layout by the MCMC published now for public review. The spectrum review is cover both commercial and also Amateur Radio in Malaysia airwaves.

Here I going to touch on the Amateur Radio spectrum.

Click HERE for the announcement by MCMC and here I also put up the link which I took it from MCMC website.

Notification: Public Comments on the Draft Reviewed Spectrum Plan (mySpectrum Plan 2010) 

Draft Reviewed Spectrum Plan (mySpectrum Plan 2010)

Comment Template

What are the changes? Here is the snap shot of Class A and B license holder. The chances will be on Class B license holder in Malaysia, where future if this going to be implemented, Class B can operate on 7Mhz. The frequency granted to Class B is 7.000Mhz to 7.200Mhz.

Page 256 of MySpectrum Plan 2010
Is a good move by the MCMC to review back and gives Class B more HF frequency to work with. I not sure about the emission will be granted to Class B license holder in future for the 7Mhz.

Another one that I notice is modification on the callsign. Where I notice separation of 9M4 according to the Event or Club/Society or Special event usage. Beacon will have "B" after 9M4, Club/Society will be "C" after 9M4 and special event will be "S".

Ex: If I were to setup 6 Meter beacon in malaysia will be 9M4BSM - 9Mike4BeaconSixMeter. Or If I were to run a Dxpedition that needed special callsign that will be 9M4SDX - 9Mike4SpecialDX.

Page 252 of MySpectrum Plan 2010

If you have comment on this Draft copy of the MySpectrum Plan 2010, please send the comment by using the provided pdf as given above and send by email to spreview@cmc.gov.my before 6th July 2010 12pm (Malaysian time).

My only comment is,
  1. I LIKE 7mhz 
  2. I LOVE 14Mhz too 
  3. I WANT TO GET MARRY WITH 21Mhz - another great band / hard band to work with.
  4. Short letter callsign for contest and DX for easy use and remember by every amateur radio in the world..such as 9M4M, or 9M4DX..!
  5. Provide different call for Sabah and Sarawak station on "9M4". Sabah and Sarawak is consider another DXCC entities. It should have different callsign for Club/Society or Special event held there. This will make better understanding of where the event or club originated from. If share one call - 9M4, Amateur radio around the world will be confuse which area the QSO is done from.. West Malaysia? Sabah? Sarawak?..confuse it will be! 

Anyone Any comment?


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