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I re-taps on ham radio with new sites. With this site revive, my Ham Radio life in Malaysia continue with new chapter.

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My Website. Anyone that link my old blogspot - 9w2cbl.blogspot.com , please re-link again to www.9w2cbl.com

The old blog is taken down by Google due to unforeseen incident.

Thank you for the support given so far, looking forward to have you read my post in this new website. 73 de 9W2CBL Richard Lam

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Looking something!!!

Being in one of the most active community in-terms of contribution and see it grows where everyone is enjoying the product, that's included Me too! This community is MFM - My Asean Free GPS Maps for Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and soon it will be expanding. A free update map for Garmin and Papago unit.

I have being contributing for my area in Seremban and I'm am satisfy with my contribution that I had done and appear in every new release map.

GPS is also part of my hobby and within the MFM forum, and one of the section call Amateur Radio and I also be part of it. Is great to know that someone has the same passion. This person is not only passion with radio, but also graphic design.
The avatar here is design by him. Nice one! 9W2TAD!, Incorporate MFM with Amateur Radio nice one!.

I like it!!

73 de 9W2CBL

I bump into this today when I check in to MARTS website. And this is what I found out.


HamFest in Kuala Lumpur. This fest is organise by a group of ham members. If will be at following place and time as below:

This is the 1st time of Hamfest conducted in Kuala Lumpur. The purpose of the hamfest is to give awareness and exposure of two way communication via radio in UHF, VHF and HF.

Several Government bodies such as PDRM, JPAM, BOMBA, ATM and also SMART will be setting up their exhibition booth surrounding the KL Tower.

There will be talks by company that is famous in producing excellent Amateur Radio unit such as Yaesu, Kenwood and Icom. Really? Hope the manufacturer able to display their latest unit here. Then is a worth to go and visit.

The activities will be held during the fest will be introduction of radio communication, communication in VHF and HF frequency, Dipole setup and also technical of navigation and also how to read and interpret and how to use the paper map and many more of activities to give you depth view on radio communication and importance of radio communication.

If you nuts about HF communication, take this opportunities to learn about Ham Radio from this Hamfest.

I wonder they have special call sign for this special occasion? I love to get them on HF on 10M band!


FIFA ended now... I'm back to my amateur radio activities...! hi! hi!

Let see what DXpedition will happen surrounding my reach..! A quick check on DXWorld.net

Few DXpedition that i'm looking forward to meet them on the band

  • JO3EVM plan to active from Iriomote, Kobama and Okinawa Honto Islands (27th ~ 30th July)
  • XU7AJW - Cambodia, ON4JW Jean will be active from Cambodia July 14 to Aug 14.
So hopefully the SSN increase this weekend, to enjoy DX from Malaysia.


What a unexpected game in Semi Final game. German is out of reach the final. Spain’s with quick passing vs Germany’s high counterattacking. Finally Spain has the advantages with their tactics. The Oranje advance to Final after beating Uruguay.

Below is the score of the semi finals.

Country Score Country
Uruguay CX 2 3 PA Netherlands
Germany DL 0 1 EA Spain

For the final in the ground of Arica, the final game will be play as follow:

3rd Placing Play Off

Jul 11, 3:30am (Loc)

Uruguay CX VS DL Germany

Final Play Off

Jul 12, 3:30am (Loc)

Netherlands PA VS EA Spain

Germany will take the 3rd placing title, Holland will clinch the cup and win this time FIFA 2010.. my thought!


Here is the result of the Quarter Finals World Cup 2010 South Africa. Is a dramatic match. Those team regards as big Gun of the footballer are loosing out and out of reach the prestige cup.

Here is the result of the Quarterfinals

Country Score Country
Netherlands PA 2 1 PY Brazil
Uruguay CX 1 1 9G Ghana
Argentina LU 0 4 DL Germany
Paraguay ZP 0 1 EA Spain

Argentina, Brazil team is by now on their flight back to their own country to watch the Game on their TV sets.

The semifinals teams will be as follows:
Jul 7, 2010 3:30am (Local time) Uruguay Vs Netherlands
Jul 8, 2010 3:30am (Local time) Germany Vs Spain


Apple iPhone4
iPhone 3G or the new one iPhone 4 encounter RF issues claim by most of the users - Long Story HERE, most of the RF radiates is from Antenna. I thought Nokia is the only phone maker has this issue? To solve this issue with Apple phone, Apple is serious recruiting RF engineer to solve it's antenna design and construction.

kangsterizer writes at Slashdot
"Sometimes, news items are just about a good laugh. You may or may not like Apple, but the way it has been handling its antenna issue has been like a small tech soap opera — Steve Jobs, the CEO, saying 'not to hold the phone that way,' rumors of software issues, and the latest but most crunchy part, since the antenna issue has been widely discovered, on 23 June, several 'antenna engineer' positions opened up at Apple. Seems someone got fired: Antenna engineer job position 1, Antenna engineer job position 2, Antenna engineer job position 3." I just figure they did all their testing in California, where AT&T dropping calls is as common as $4 coffees.

Anyway nice phone! to pricey over here in Malaysia!


This is the result of the Round 16 play from Jun 26th to Jun 30, Country listed here is using Ham Radio prefix...!

Country Score Country
Uruguay CX 2 1 HL Korea Republic
USA W 1 2 9G Ghana
Germany DL 4 1 G England
Argentina LU 3 1 XE Mexico
Netherlands PA 2 1 OM Slovakia
Brazil PY 3 0 CE Chile
Paraguay ZP 0 0 JA Japan
Spain EA 1 0 CT Portugal

Being born to Asian country, I supported South Korea and Japan team. Both team did not make it to quarter final round and overall I'm satisfy with their performance. Both team play well and defend well. From the two team play, Japan is the most dramatic match to me. They withstand up to full time and follow to extra time and finally they loose out at the penalty - Good Game!

More dramatic match to come at the Quarter final, play off start from Jul 2nd up to Jul 4.


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