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I re-taps on ham radio with new sites. With this site revive, my Ham Radio life in Malaysia continue with new chapter.

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The old blog is taken down by Google due to unforeseen incident.

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Looking something!!!

Start tomorrow, 30th Oct (Sat) 00:00z up to 31st Oct (Sun) 24:00z is the 2010 CQ WW DX contest on SSB. CW will be held at 27th Nov (Sat) 00:00z ~ 28th Nov (Sun) 24:00z.

So those are new to contest, Please please read the rules of this contest - HERE (pdf)

Pass few days I can only heard Beacon of ZS6DN, 5Z4B, 4X6TU, VK6RBP and JA2IGY and some occasionally I can copy VR2B and beacon from Sri Lanka 4S7B. Their signal report falls on 549 to 559 with QSB.
This week alone I did not have any distance QSO compare to last week where I have enjoyable contact to European station on 20th Oct and little pile up on 21st Oct. I foresee this type of propagation will prolong to this weekend.

I predict that I can cover Zone 21, 24, 25, 28, 29, 30 easily, and with little luck hopefully Zone 18, 19 16 and 17 come in strong and maybe 22 or 23 if they still there + help of F2 propagation.

From http://www.cqww.com/images/wazmap1.gif

So treat me good.. I come in as Rookie!!! Good Luck!

You are 5928,
73 9W2CBL

Just came back from POS Malaysia to deliver my QSL card. Left two countries that POS Malaysia doesn't want to take in - ISRAEL and BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA.

In my past 3 experience of sending QSL card to ISRAEL, they accepted. There are times the counter would say they will use the diplomat way of delivery which mean they will use ISRAEL Embassy. So is just like weather to me, sometimes can sometimes cannot.

By right we can't send anything to those country that we are not permitted to land ourselves there. Obviously same goes to QSL card.

Now puzzle for those QSL card to ISRAEL that I had send out previously.. I wonder whey they have thrown too?

Bosnia Herzegovina, they not cover? I ask them why - The only reply from them..."Not Cover!"

My last hope is thru courier services - DHL, that will be expensive QSL card delivery.

Updated 27/10/2010

Ok! Since I in KL Mid Valley, I try my luck this time to send at POS (Postage) Office in Mid Valley, to my surprise, they accept my letter of Israel and Bosnia. My local town main Postage Office way behind!!


Great day! 2hours of operation start from 07:00Z ~ 09:00Z give great enjoyment of QSO. The band start to pick up from 08:00z onwards, meet up a small pile yet still manageable.
10 new DXCC lock in to my logbook, total of 47 stations from 20 countries successfully QSOs with them.

Those Countries are:
Australia, South Africa, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Finland, Netherlands, China, UAE, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovak Republic, Belarus, Kaliningrad, Italy, Estonia, Hungary, Denmark, Austria, European Russia and Belgium

There are some station with weak signal - Sorry! unable to catch you! Hoping tomorrow will have you! Is hard to heard you from a distance far away. I was hoping the propagation improve down later in the hours but unfortunately the band move towards below the equatorial line.

Guys! I'm using FT-900 with Single Element Deltaloop 10M band, up in my roof with height about 15M from ground. My QTH is about 100m from Sea level, a simple setup but I'm happy with it!.

Great to meet you all and hope you all have a great time with me.



10M band actively for pass few days now. Today, the band open towards European country. And I made a numbers of New DXCC and new station on today QSOs. Glad that 10M band come alive. Last for how long that will be a question in my mind??

This band is hard to work compare with others band such as 20M band. It's depend much on propagation and also the condition which is hard to predict when QSO was done on 9M2 land.

Countries that I had successfully QSO was Germany, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Lithuania, Poland, Croatia, Afghanistan, Latvia, Spain, Israel, European Russia, France and Finland. 6 New DXCC is added into my list. Total of 23 Station from 13 countries on 1hours operation. Not so great to shout about!!

These countries clusters surrounding Europe, with distance far more than 10000km and my antenna Single Element Deltaloop do a great job for today.

As I post up this post, the band still open somewhere Western countries.



When he come to Malaysia some where in the beginning of this year 2010, not only he came for holiday, he has being traveling around Malaysia and also East Malaysia visiting Ham Radio Operator home.

When he go back to his home town, he wrote about his Malaysian trip and with some of pictures he took during his trip, published it out at this month CQ Ham Radio magazine in Japan.

This published article was share by 9M6YBG. In this two pages you will see some familar callsign and also familar faces too!

CQ Ham Radio
Thank you! 9M2GCN/JH3GCN! for his introduction about his Malaysian trip to all Japanese Ham Radio Operator.

Too bad that the article is in Japanese..


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