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I re-taps on ham radio with new sites. With this site revive, my Ham Radio life in Malaysia continue with new chapter.

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Looking something!!!

NASA Expedition 25 commander Doug Wheelock gave a tour the station's HAM radio, using the call sign "NA1SS," to talk with people on the ground as the station flies overhead at 17,500 miles per hour.

Here is the video posted on Youtube.

emm This is How They Do It!


ZK2A and VK9NN, these two island from 20th Nov onward for two weeks a team of Dxpedition will be activated and join in the CW CQWW contest.

Another two island activated for you to enjoy contact and made it to you DXCC list.

More information can view here www.pacificdxpedition.com

Good Luck!

Taken from Kermadec.de
A team from Germany Dxpedition to Kermadec Island and activate IOTA OC-039 for everyone to enjoy QSO. They are now actively on all band that cover from 160m to 10m and 6m (TBC).

Look out for ZL8X and have fun contact with them! Most of band they work on split function.

More information at their website www.kermadec.de


C50C - The Gambia Dxpedition by numbers of OM0C Contest Crew were in Gambia to give everyone a chance to work this Country.

Currently They are now active from 160m to 10m band.

Do look out from them.
The C5A call sign will be active on CW CQWW Contest only.

Good Luck!

Youtube by Dr. Gregory L. Charvat. What he did was he homebrew a 20M SSB transceiver. Here is the LINK to his website. His Callsign is N8ZRY.


You can also view his schemetic diagram HERE and HERE

Enjoy the Video!


Tokyo Metro Subway Manner Poster
Let your Manner be Good!
Most countries that I had visited, the most impressive manner you can enjoy is from the Land of Rising Sun - Japan.
Manner to them is important. It carries down from generation to generation until today young generation, they still have good practice of their manner.
Poster beside taken from Tokyo Metro Subway.  Is a public education picture teaches the subway user not to "Jump the Q" to get into train and Please get on the train in turn. Was this a proper manner being as human being.
Sad that in Malaysia Jumping Q is normal, There are times people fight for the jump Q.

More of Japan manner poster click below:
Vintage Tokyo subway manner Poster

And I was amaze and an eye opener to me when I was in Japan taking train to Big Sight Tokyo to attend Tokyo Ham Fair in year 2008 with my friend 9M2WZI, Arai-san and what's the poster says, it says in real life. "Getting into train in turns!"

Same thing in HF Operating. Is good to have proper manner when you operate your stations. Not only you represent yourself, you are also represent the whole country Ham Radio Operator.

As I posted before:

"Good Apple in whole basket of apple will bring joy to everyone, one bad apple, the whole basket apple will be thrown away." 

Here I list down my thoughts of Good operating manners that I practice and I believe you can do better than me.
  1. I always keep clear and will not interfere the frequency when someone is occupying it.
  2. I always search for unoccupied frequency for me to operate, by listen and also watch Worldwide DXcluster.
  3. I Don't Jump Q to catch the other station whom are trying to make QSO, I will wait for the DX station called for CQ again, only then I move in.
  4. I Hear properly the DX station is calling upon. Ex: CQ Japan, CQ Japan mean he is calling for specific country. I will not cut in from Malaysia and made QSO with the station.
  5. If I want to talk long and occupy the frequency! I will move up 5~10kc or down 5~10kc from DX window and continue my ragchew.
  6. I would not call for the DX station to switch mode, which he already planned ahead to be in that mode. Ex: CW to SSB just to make contact to me and Let him switch back to CW to continue his DXpedition. Unless I and him is best friend!
  7. I will not call for the DX station to qso with me, when I totally can't hear his signal. Is a commonsense to me that ... I can't hear means I can't qso, if I can hear, I have the possibility. 
  8. I will not ask DX station to shift frequencies, If really needed I will ask in friendly manner to shift the frequency when I discover high QRM or QRN on that particular frequency he operate.
  9. I will not gain monetary thru QSL card exchange. I will gauge a proper amount for your QSL card return postage.
  10. I follow DX Code of Conduct for my HF operation. 
Again, this SOP of HF Operating is based on my own understanding and I not here to teach you, I'm here to share my knowledge and at the same time learn. In this hobby is always to me "There is no teacher and no student. We are teacher and at the same time student."

If you have better thought on this, we can discuss more about it by dropping in to the comment or email to me: cblam73@gmail.com


9W2CBL SOP HF Operating

I'm here not to teach you about operating technique. I'm here to learn together with you while I blog it. There will be series of on how to operate a proper manner and technique after this post.

I would like to remind you that, all my post about Operating in HF is based on my own understanding and commonsense on operating in HF band.

If you have better way of operating do let me know by dropping into my comment. If yours is better then mine, I will include yours into my blog - Thanks!

Let your EAR Listen first!
Listen and Listen is the most important aspects in order to develop self operating in HF frequencies. A Long distances communications require an operator experiences and a GOOD-listening skills. Due to static, fading, interference and all sort of noises that sometimes bring down the quality of the signals over a long distance. Your can have a good filtering system in your unit to filter out unwanted disturbance signal, STILL you need your Good Ear to listen.

You might have best shack with nice equipment, nice antenna and with nice output power, but if you don't copy good of the weak distance signal, still your best station will regards of good or bad to them. Often people will regards you as "Big Voice, no Ear".

Learn to listen in HF band, will give you better operating in HF band.


This is the 10M band Beacon which I pick up during my venture into 10M band since 1 year +.

QRG (Hz) Callsign City QTH Loc ERPw Antenna Direction
28189 SV5TEN Greece        
28189.3 A47RB Oman LL93FO 50 AR-10 Omni
28200 KH6WO Honolulu BL11AP 100-0.1 Vertical Omni
28200 VK6RBP 28k SE Perth OF87AV 100-0.1 Vertical Omni
28200 JA2IGY Mt Asama PM84JK 100-0.1 Vertical Omni
28200 RR9O Novosibirsk NO14KX 100-0.1 Vertical Omni
28200 VR2B Hong Kong OL72BG 100-0.1 Vertical Omni
28200 4S7B Colombo MJ96 100-0.1 Vertical Omni
28200 ZS6DN Pretoria KG44DC 100-0.1 Vertical Omni
28200 5Z4B Kiambu KI88MX 100-0.1 Vertical Omni
28200 4X6TU Tel Aviv KM72JB 100-0.1 Vertical Omni
28209 KH6AP Kikei Maui HI BL10SS 20 3/8 Vert Omni
28224 YB9BWN Denpasar, Bali OI71oh 2 Dipole Omni
28228 ZL3TEN Rolliston RE66 20 1/2 Vert Omni
28250.1 Z21ANB Bulawayo KG47 25 GP Omni
28264 VK6RWA Nr Perth OF78WB 20 Vertical Omni
28268.3 VK8VF Darwin PH57KP 40 Vertical Omni

This beacon setup for amateur radio around the world to gauge/judge propagation condition. If you can hear the beacon, then the propagation open towards your area. If you can't hear this beacon, therefore the condition of the 10m band is not open.

It is good to refrain from operating at this frequency. I get some infomation from my regular 10M band Station saying that someone using this frequency to call CQ or using CW to call CQ, Well! please do refrain yourself from doing it. This Beacon frequency is for world wide Ham Radio Operator monitoring.

If condition is good, you can hear a lot of beacon coming in. Above is what that I have pick up.



This morning again open to NA (North America) and SA (South America). I also heard station from Japan and China trying to get SA and NA station.

I work few station from NA, SA and also Hawaiian station. They all coming in 59. Satisfy with my current setup that I had being using it since 1 year +, FT-900 goes into single element deltaloop with height about 10m to 15m.

At this morning the spot Zero ?? (but the sun has some spot with it! the Zero cannot be represent at this moment), but the A=14 and K=4, is abnormal high. Hopefully this weekend coming will be fun to work again NA and SA.


Steve Nichols - G0KYA and Alan Melia - G3NYK, both of them come up with this book - Understanding LF and HF propagation.

Covers all band of propagation. I can say it gives me some knowledge of the propagation of LF and HF.

Click here for the pdf.. http://www.infotechcomms.co.uk/Understanding_LF_and_HF_propagation.pdf

Enjoy reading!


Today, I have numbers of QSL card in my mail box. - Thank Guys!, this give me another up 2 Dxcc confirmation into my logbook.

You guys have a nice QSL card!

From Malta - 9H1SF
From Estonia - ES4IN
Hawaiian Station - KH7Y
Latvia - YL3AID
That's all! Looking forward to meet you again in 10M band!


Located at the bottom, this sunspot Region 1121 come into view slowly.
Multiple flare purge out from the sun.

Spot still at 36, flare at 84

Hopping condition getting better!


Too all my Hindus friends and reader of 9W2CBL.com site.

"May the festival of lights be the harbinger of joy and prosperity. Wish u & your family a very happy diwali & prosperous new year."

Tomorrow 5th Nov 2010, is the day whole nation Hindus celebrating Deepavali. Deepavali or Diwali is also known as Festive of Light.

Is one of the public holiday where the whole nation of Malaysia is looking forward to enjoy.

And I looking forward to enjoy too!

DX opening this weekend.. errrr! The sunspot is below 30 this whole week. I don't think, it will be a good DX!!!

Anyway Happy Diwali and Happy Holiday and Good DX!


Quite a long time I have not receive incoming QSL card. I wonder my bureau is working well on his job, taking care of Malaysian Ham Radio Operator inbound QSL card. Is time for me to email my bureau. Hi! Hi!

Today incoming two QSL card direct to my mailbox which I send out directly to them, and thanks guys for confirmation QSL card in return, that add up 2 count of DXCC in my logbook.

From PE1NCP - Netherland

From YL2GUV - Latvia

Many thanks for the QSL, Looking forward to work with you all again!


This Sea Water Antenna is develop by SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific. It uses magnetic induction properties of sodium chloride (Salt) to create UHF/VHF and HF Antenna. Research and develop for military applications as replacement antenna once there is broken down existing antenna. It can also broaden it application to commercial use and Ham Radio use.

I generally like the ideas! The question now is how many dB this Sea Water Antenna carry?

Check the Video!

I have this Antenna Tuner made by DAIWA, purchase from Japan.
Now that I have not using it anymore. Current my antenna give me better SWR without any support of tunners. Therefore I would like to let go this good unit. This unit supported frequency up to 6Meter band.

Makers: Daiwa Industry Co., Ltd. JAPAN
Model: CNW-319II
Freq Range: 3.5 ~ 50Mhz
Max Input Power: 150W CW
Input Imp: 50Ohms
Antenna Input: 2

Condition: Good. Casing - Some little scratch at top cover and one of the side cover.

For sale: RM900 Sales Updated! : No more Selling!
Email: cblam73@gmail.com 


Past weekend, ham around the world will be on their shack to make as many contact as possible. Me! I also on the shack too, but not all the time.. there are times I go out of house, there are time I watch TV, there are time I read material at internet, and my machine is on and off all the times.

And this is my result of 2 days contests: 16 Stations from 9 Different Zone, 4 Continents and 11 Dxcc.

Zone cover:
28, 38, 37, 15, 24, 14, 21, 25 and 23

AF, AS, OC and EU

Own country, South Africa, Mozambique, Estonia, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and Japan.

Not a great result but I enjoy turning the dial hunting for stations and exchange zone report. Propagation is bad as what I predicted. Still able to enjoy what I wanted to enjoy.

See you all again in next contest..!


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