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Well is the end of the year 2010. What a year it is!

The 1st 10 Years of the new Millennium fill with disorder, happiness and Joyful years.

Years with political changes, few countries bail out from the financial crisis, ipad make people crazy, iphone4 is the most expensive phone in Malaysia, Natural Disaster join in.... and many more...

What to me Year 2010 is a year of dramatic in my Amateur Radio life.
  • Quite numbers of DXCC being recorded in my logbook. 
  • Fail to go and sit Morse Code Examination twice. 
  • Few Rare DXCC capture by me. 
  • Experience in Pile up getting better. 
  • There are times 10M band is enjoyable
  • Did not touch on Satellite for the whole year.
  • Support DX Code of Conduct
  • Write seriously about Malaysian Ham Operator Manners
  • Join few contests still cannot achieve what I wanted to achieve.
  • Spending all my money sending QSL card.
  • I get to realize that this hobby is the most expensive to play!
Well this is my ups and downs and discovery in my amateur radio life. My own life has numbers of KPI's not achievable.

Hope for Year 2011 a better year for Amateur Radio. A year for Good DXing. A year for everyone have a peaceful and Joyful year!

Happy New Year to you and Your Family.


This is what Jeri Ellsworth tells in her recent video - Secret to Learning Electronics - Fail and Fail Often.

True! We won't improve if we don't meet the failure part. It is part of our life for us to explore ourselves and increase our knowledge.

Stumble upon failure? don't quit! instead learn what, when, where, Who and How you end up there and think What, When, Where, Who and How you deal with it and What, When, Where, Who and How you overcome it! Then you will be wiser and wiser!

This is her video!

Happy New Year!


Ho! Ho! Ho!, Ho! Ho! Ho!, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Ho! Ho! Ho!.. this is greeting method by Santa's when kids comes to him for a present.

So I better be good, all I want for this year Christmas, is Year 2011 propagation is best to enjoy and hopefully my license is upgradable.

Is the most wonderful times of the year. Yup! When December comes, is the best time of the year. The 2010 going to end, and further Christmas is around. Yup! You better be good, cause Santa's is coming to town. Ho! Ho! Ho! Is time for exchange gift, time for sharing Good News, Care for those who are weaker than you. Give them Joy and Happiness. Another example of our fellow ham who are doing good deeds...

Glyn Jones - GW0ANA from Barry Amateur Radio Society's. Glyn plays the part of Santa in this charity single for Christmas in aid of 'Cancer in Teenagers'. Every profits from the download will go to this charity.

His video/mp3 song can be download from here
iTunes - http://bit.ly/buygioxmas
Amazon - http://amzn.to/fV9QaP
HMV - http://bit.ly/hMKl6i
Play.com - http://bit.ly/gYLVuy

This is the video featuring Glyn.

In this year Christmas, my Church will have Thanksgiving service on Christmas day.

If you are at vicinity of Seremban town, do drop by to join our Christmas Thanksgiving Service held at follow:

Christmas Thanksgiving Service
Date: 25th Dec 2010
Time: 10am ~ 12pm
Place: Ballroom

The Royale Bintang Resort & SPA Seremban
Jalan Dato' A.S Dawood
70100 Seremban
Negeri Sembilan
GPS coordinate: N2 43 18.6 E101 56 42.9

The ballroom is huge, you have comfortable seating, good environment for you to attend this service.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


This poster release by RSGB is now available free download. This poster is to teach newcomers to Amateur Radio communication.

Download the poster here

RSGB Tutors' Area

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


To those who uses Mac Apple computer, here is the Ham Radio Logging software that you can use in your Apple computer.

You can download free and run as long as you want but limited to 30 logged QSOs per logbook. The cost of the software can be purchase for $39. Once you register, you will have unlimited of logging.

Aether 1.5 required as follow inorder the software operated at your computer.

  • Mac with a G4, G5 or Intel processor
  • Mac OS X10.4 Tiger or later
  • Rig control for most rigs requires a USB to Serial adapter.
Nice one!

Access HERE for more information.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


If this eel can power the Christmas tree lights, maybe we can gather hundreds or thousands of eel in a pond, connect the electro rod to our radio and power up. Eco-friendly power. It can power up our radio and use it as QRP station.. I believe my friend 9M6YBG would love to do it! He! :p.

Below video is a study by one of Japanese inventor, Mr. Kazuhiko Minawa from Kanagawa, Japan. He uses one eel to power up medium height of Christmas light. One eel can generate 800watts with every move the eel makes. If hundreds are gathers together, possibility for QRP operation Amateur Radio.

Check out the video.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


This week alone, our postman actively drop some mail into my mail box. Quite a number of QSL card received. Some of the QSL card allow me to increase my numbers of DXCC.

Here are some of the interesting QSL card receive this week.

8N0K - 70 Years anniversary station for the establishment of Kashiwazaki City

OM5OA Slovakia

From Belgium - ON4WVK

Brasil - PY7RP

Island of Crete - SV9IOI

From North of Malaysia,  Cambodia - XU7KOH
One last QSL card from Thailand, which I wanted to qso with him. That time I heard him 59+, responded to his call, but silent is the answer. Surprise to receive QSL card from him.
Thanks for you all nice QSL card. Hope to catch you again in the 10M band again.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


To those who uses Ham Radio Deluxe software as program to assist you in Amateur Radio activities. You can look forward a new updated.

The updated software items are...

After a lot of hard work with incredible support from Terry G4POP and Chuck K7PT this beta is now available.

* Country file upgraded with support for Unique Calls
* ALE window now correctly supports entries with a / in the callsign
* Award tracking rewritten and tested almost to extinction
* ALE custom field titles now user-definable

Ham Radio Deluxe

* Rigblaster support where RTS is toggled instead of sending a CAT command. See Options, COM Port TX.
* Initial support for TS-590S and FTDX-500
 You can get update HERE - http://www.ham-radio-deluxe.com/HRDv5.aspx


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