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I re-taps on ham radio with new sites. With this site revive, my Ham Radio life in Malaysia continue with new chapter.

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My Website. Anyone that link my old blogspot - 9w2cbl.blogspot.com , please re-link again to www.9w2cbl.com

The old blog is taken down by Google due to unforeseen incident.

Thank you for the support given so far, looking forward to have you read my post in this new website. 73 de 9W2CBL Richard Lam

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Looking something!!!

3 Days to go for all the Chinese Community in Malaysia is looking forward for a brand new year celebration. Is a Year of Rabbit.

Here I wish you and your family to those who are celebrating Chinese New Year, here is my Chinese New Year Greeting for you and your family!!!

新年快乐 (xīnnián kuàilè) Happy New Year!

To you and your family!
身体健康 (shēntǐ jiànkāng) Good Health
万事如意 (wànshì rúyì) Everything is Good

To those who are working..
工作顺利 (gōngzuò shùnlì) Your Work is better 

And to those who are not celebrating.. "Do not drink and drive!" Rest more before your long journey home to have your holidays with your love one!

I will be attending my church Thanksgiving service on the 1st day of the Chinese New Year. If you are in the vicinity of Seremban town, and have time on the 1st day of Chinese New Year, do drop by

Place: Min Kok Restaurant. (Restaurant convert to Hall with 1200 seat capacity)
Time: 10am ~ 1pm
GPS Coordinates: N2 43 35.2 E101 55 49.1

See Ya!


Multimeter will be always a companion to all electrical or electronic engineers. Is a handy tools to have it. MakeZine here present on how to use the multimeter

Enjoy it!

Diana Eng again with MakeZine, she this time explain us how the directional antenna works. She uses construct dipole with light bulb and see how the directional antenna send signal and the dipole light bulb as receiver.

Check the video here....

This is video all about UK Six Meter Group in short UKSMG. This video is dedicated and encouraging Amateur Radio operation on 50Mhz or 6Meter band.

Enjoy it!



You all can look forward for more DXCC coming January to February 2011 to enjoy DXCC!

My favorite hunt down a DX call is VK0, VK9X, 3B8, T8 and many more..

Click below for more information!
DX News from the ARRL | Southgate Amateur Radio News


DX0DX will be postponed due to unforeseen that unable avoided by the DX0DX team. Please Click below

DX0DX - Spratly Islands - 2011 POSTPONED!!!

VK9X - Christmas Island IOTA - OC-002 will be active from 13th Jan to 20th Jan 2011.

The crew of 8 members consists of as follow:

  • JA3BZO - Takeo Iida (VK9XA)
  • JH3PBL - Hiroko Nakade (VK9XL)
  • JI3DNN - Munekazu Shimatake (VK9XN)
  • JA3AVO - Masumi Nakade (VK9XO)
  • JA1CJA - Kunio Miyagawa (VK9XXY)
  • JA3UJR - Tsuguya Nakasako (VK9XJR)
  • JA3HJI - Shozo Nishimura (VK9XJ)
  • JA3ARJ - Tatsuo Ohkushi (VK9X)
The band and frequency they will be covering during their DX vacation  will be 1.8Mhz ~ 50Mhz, mode of operation CW, SSB and Digital.

More of their DX Vacation information can be obtain HERE


This is video about everyone who have fun in Amateur Radio, buy and buy for the fun of the hobby. However your XYL or YL who don't know about Amateur Radio would not be pleased..

Have fun watching this Video!!

XYL or YL get yourself a license then you know the fun of it!


This is out of Amateur Radio band. Discovery of genius idea, everything can be done for convenient of you when you are not so convenient to do it.
The button to open door of elevator located at bottom and is position at your feet to press it. If your hand is full of things to carry and no 3rd hand to press for you.. Why not use your leg to press the button gently! - Genius!! Only in JAPAN!

Check out the video below:


A Relaxed mind ,
A peaceful soul ,
A joyful spirit ,
A healthy body ,
A heart full of love ,
A Year full of DX'ing ,
A Year to chaser DX ,
A Year to Enjoy DX ,

that is my wish for you in 


Happy New Year!


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