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I re-taps on ham radio with new sites. With this site revive, my Ham Radio life in Malaysia continue with new chapter.

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Looking something!!!

There will be another DXpedition trip to OC-232 Atauro Island, Timor-Leste this coming 16th to 26th September 2011.

The crews are as follow: 9M6DXX, 9M6XRO, M0URX, MW0JZE, VK8DX and VK8NSB,

Check their website – www.4w6a.com for more news and plan.

Another 4W prefix to be hunt down!

Below is the link to Google Map showing list of JA7 Station QRV at this moment.



Looks like another high active sunspot region will be rotate into view, expecting high activity on the band this week, as this video show another flare emerge at South-Eastern.

Ham around the world is looking forward this weekend CQ World Wide WPX SSB Contest. Bet with this activities, ham can look forward a improving shortwave radio communications.

Check out the Video below:

More info: http://sunspotwatch.com/

Oceania Amateur Radio DX Group Inc. for short ODXG is now planning Vanuatu Dxpedition 2011. And they are looking for anyone Dxers would like to join in the fun and enjoy the pile up for this time dxpedition.

The team will arrive Port Vila on 28th Sept and leave Vanuatu on 14th Oct.

Read more HERE

Any interested Hams can contact Chris VK3QB. Please provide a brief overview of your interest, any relevant or special skills (many skills contribute to a successful DX-pedition) that may be useful for the trip. Vk3qb@wia.org.auThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 0429 187 593.


Southern Sudan New Government has issued first amateur radio licence. The 1st callsign will be use by two group of Dxpedition team and they are Intrepid-DX and DX Friends Group.

This Dxpedition will start on July 9th for 20 days from Juba, capital city of Southern Sudan.

For more updated of the dxpedition read more below


COWICHAN VALLEY - The disaster in Japan has many people on Vancouver Island wondering how we would handle the same thing.

In an emergency like that communication is key, but internet cell phones and land lines would likely be knocked out.

That's when emergency responders would take a step back in time and marshal our resources using a decades-old technology that most of us wouldn't even know how to operate.

Read more HERE

CQ Newsroom: Get Updates On Japan's Nuclear Reactors: "For the latest information regarding the nuclear reactors in Japan, click here: The Nuclear Energy Institute. - TNX to Bob Lunsford, KK..."

CQ Newsroom: JARL: Please Keep 7.030 MHz Clear for Disaster Com...: "The Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL) is asking amateurs worldwide to keep 7.030 MHz and surrounding frequencies clear for disaster communi..."

CQ Newsroom: 'Quake-Tsunami SSB Nets in Operation: "Emergency communications nets related to the earthquake centered near Sendai, Japan and resultant tsunami affecting the Pacific Rim are the ..."

Frequency operate by:

Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network - SATERN - in operation on 14.265 MHz SSB

Oregon ARES/RACES on 3.964 MHz SSB.

Keep clear of those above frequency for search and rescue operation at Japan.

When you have no others means to get back home, check the paper map for alternative route. Pictures at right showing a young lady at Hotel lobby is searching for alternative route back or anyway that she want to go.

More picture HERE

As I blog now, 39 or more death toll on this earthquake that strike Japan North East triggering strong wave with height of 10m hitting Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures (JA7) area.

The tremor, measuring at 8.9 started at 1446 Japan time (0546 GMT), is the one of the largest earthquake for Japan.

More Pictures HERE

Below is the CNN video being recorded by AVN/NHK in Japan showing the quake situation.

More of CNN Video - HERE

At this moment 13 countries surrounding Pacific Ocean including East Malaysia Sabah and Sarawak is getting ready for the tidal wave. Taiwan, Philippines and Hawaii being the nearest country is already started to evacuate coastal area resident to high ground and brace for Tsunami to arrive.

This is another earthquake disaster after a 6.3 Magnitude that rock Christchurch last month.

Click HERE for the impact assessment by GDACS

Everyone in the World has their eyes on the news!


T88ME - Palau Islands

7N1RTO currently active from Palau Islands. QSL via bureau or his home callsign - 7N1RTO.


Coming 15th Mar to 31st Mar 2011, Andaman and Nicobar Island is activated for DX'ers to hunt down this callsign - VU4PB. Most of the team is from Amateur Radio Society of India (ARSI).

Who operate what mode - HERE
Operate at what frequency - HERE

VU4PB QSL Manager is W3HNK

Good Luck and Good DX! and See you on the air!


Yup! the sun is all time active but this week along, SSN and SFI is much active from the sun.

Condition today,

Mar 07, SSN=122, SFI=153, A=9, K=1

Today itself the SSN is at highest point of the cycle 24 and on 10M and 6M band is very much active over the weekend lasted until today. Cluster was looping very fast pass few days.

Hope this condition prolong towards to end of the month, where CQ WW WPX contest is happening. That will be more fun to play with.

See you in the band, Good DX to you and Good Luck!


Like it or not! I'm sure we who loves Dxing for sure like it!

More spots emerge from the Sun surface, it may or may not gives high value of SSN. But I'm sure that SFI, A and K index will increase.

There are some activities at late night over here at Malaysia particular to 10M and 6M band.

Hopefully propagation in the afternoon open from 9M2 to EU and AF region and night Open to SA and NA.

Good Luck and Good DX!


Everyone on North part of the earth can expert some aurora happening. Look at it the condition could be improve. One of my friend telling me that some activities happening late night on 1st of March specially on 10M and 6M band.

Sun Spot Number (SSN), SFI, together with A and K Index can see some increase in its number.

SSN=72(Mar 01), SFI=111, A=25, K=4

SSN=72(Mar 01), SFI=111, A=26, K=4

SSN=72(Mar 01), SFI=111, A=26, K=4

SSN=54(Feb 28), SFI=96, A=2, K=5

SSN=54(Feb 28), SFI=96, A=2, K=5

Looking forward good propagation!

Good DX!


When I was at Oita-prefecture 2 years back, He (JH6MBD) welcome me at the Oita Airport and bring me around his city visiting hams houses and sightseeing. When he says that he wanted to visit Malaysia for the 1st time. What else can I say... Please Come!

Arrival at the KLIA hall on the 25th Feb, a welcome dinner was held somewhere at KL suburb area. There after started his 3 days journey visiting KL, Seremban and Melaka before he departure back to Oita on 27th Feb.

Those places that I bring him to visit in KL is Twin Tower, KL Tower and Genting Highland and also not forgetting the famous 9M2JKL - Japanese Ham Club House.

And in my home town, I bring him to visit 9M4CPD Rented Shack in Port Dickson.

I also bring him to Melaka to visit famous places.

Here is the some pictures.
 Central Market, KL

Back L-R: 9M2ADX, 9M2/JI3QCQ, 9M2AC, ME, 9M2BZ
Front L-R: 9M2/JI3QCQ - 2 Boys, JH6MBD and JM1EDS

At 9M2PD House
L-R: YL, Me, 9W2PD, 9M2PD, 9M2IDJ, JH6MBD and 9W2KNZ

See you again in either 9M2 or JA6 land in future.


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