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I re-taps on ham radio with new sites. With this site revive, my Ham Radio life in Malaysia continue with new chapter.

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Looking something!!!

On The Media or OTM they call it, give a talk about South Sudan Amateur Radio activities, mainly the ST0R Dxpetition done by Intrepid DX and DX Friends team. Bob spoke with ham operator Paul Ewing (N6PSE)

Listen to their air radio conversation HERE and their conversation transcript HERE


This shortwave radio sound capture by Amateur radio astronomer specially the Sunspot 1283.. 73!

This is what happen if you make the DX cluster such as DX Summit taking into your own hand!! See the picture below that I capture and you know what I meant...

Be remind that DX cluster is to

  1. Report distances contact and
  2. You are encourage to report but 
  3. Not too often reporting on the same country that you have contacted.
  4. Is good to report on rare country that you have contact
  5. Just don't take it as your personnel logbook! 
  6. Be remind that it doesn't belong to you!
  7. Just don't take it too far! 

Enjoy your DX!


The new transceiver from Elecraft - The KX3! Small with weight less than 1kg. Come with only 10W output, frequency supported from 160m to 6m, all mode supported. Great for outdoor dxpedition and QRP operation.

Check the video below on the KX3 taken up to Mt. Little SI for SOTA (Summit On The Air).


Click below for DX survey 2011. Choose and click which DX country that you wanted most to have it in your log!
This survey will end at Oct 15th, 2011

DX Survey 2011


There will be another Fiji dxpedition, the island is Rotuma Island, and this time is 3D2R. This beautiful island will be counted as separate country by DXCC list. So it will be another great expedition to be hunt down by amateur radio around the world.

The team with 17operators will operate all frequency from 1.8Mhz to 28Mhz and maybe 6m and also 2m depend on situation and condition and possible all mode for this time dxpedition.

The team schedule arrive Fiji on 24th September 2011 and expect a departure from the port of Suva 25th In September 2011 around noon. The journey takes 36 hours. We expect the first activity at amateur frequencies on 27th September 2011 and will be active the next 10 days.

To have more update about your activities, check their website HERE


If you are looking for another week of great DX, well better get ready for it! Space Weather report high activities of X-Flare from sunspot region 1283. It was recorded at 2238 UT on Sept. 7th produced a bright flash of extreme UV radiation and hurled an inky-dark plume of plasma into space.

You can view the short movie of the Sun eruptions by click the link below:

So enjoy your DX coming this weekend!


SDR-IQ is a software defined radio receiver with capabilities of connect your radio to computer. Build in 14 Bit analog to digital converter (ADC). Anyway I not going to talk more about this, you can click on the link above for more of information about this fantastic unit that work great with most of the high-end transceiver model.

Ian Ware, G3NRW, he has published an article on how he connect his radio TS-590s to the SDR-IQ receiver. If you have TS-590s and intend to get the SDR-IQ and ain't know how to get it work together, great head to G3NRW!

You can download the article here

And also don't miss out his TS-590s resources and only all about TS-590s!


KLIA Control Tower
Beware that this hacking post is for "Normal Radio - Receiver Radio" and not to Amateur Radio!!

If you still have your vintage radio laying at your store room or any places in your house that still help you build up the dust! Why not you can take it out and make a quick modification so it picks up our KLIA Air Traffic Control or any other Air Shows held in our country or how about our Civil Aviation Band transmissions. Cool right!

Normally those days standard radios, found in our grandfather vintage car or decades-old Sony Walkman that still can play cassettes tape, all this typically will have frequency range from 88 to 108 MHz, FM mode.
Generally the Civil Aviation Band or the sometimes we call it as "Airband", their frequency is ranging from 108 to 138 MHz.

To get a equipment used to dial in is typically bulky, and expensive. Like mine that I had in my car is Yaesu FT-8900, is expensive to get!

But with a few modifications, you can increase the range and pick up radio frequency that you’ve never heard before! Once you’ve correctly re-tuned your radio, try to dial in our local airport’s ATIS (typically between 108-118 MHz). And hear the conversation between tower and Captain of the plane and there are times you can hear the weather too! Fantastic!

Enjoy the video below:


Too bad I do not have my father good old Renault R12! The radio is a good old vintage type for me to hack into!

To those who has Elecraft K2 Transceiver and thinking of upgrading your unit to get more juice out of it.. then this is the place you should visit...

LA3ZA Unofficial Guide to Elecraft K2 Modifications

and now I thinking of getting myself a K2!


Swindon Advertiser reporting about Amateur Radio from the town of Swindon. Is about Amateur Radio activities from the local Amateur Radio station.

"IN the social hall in Savernake Street, James Patterson and his friends show me the letterbox-sized display occupying a laptop screen.
Known as a waterfall, the display has hundreds and thousands of tiny points of orange and green that march ceaselessly upward against a dark background.
And each of those points of orange and green is another human being or group of human beings in some place that might be anywhere in the world, watching their own computer displays or listening for voices or snatches of Morse Code."
 Amateur radio is still as much of a challenge as it was when it was first invented,” said James, a 32-year-old IT manager who lives in Shaw and chairs the 40-strong Swindon and District Amateur Radio Club. 
 I like this....
It would be very easy to sit with an X-Box and not do anything at all, but you don’t learn anything from that and you’re not doing anything different.” 

Read the full article HERE


from http://hinode.nao.ac.jp/latest_e/
What the Sun has for us this time around? I believe the condition is getting better than past few months back.

Overall the Sunspot are floating above 100spots and SunFlare is also maintaining at 110 for past few days now. Hoping coming Sept will be good again to get further DX station from 9M2 Land.

I have not being in my shack for long time due to working and and there are times updating on my blog is also being halt for several time.

Looking at the cluster, there has being interesting activities reported in 6M band and 10M band!

Is this the signal of showing propagation is better? Will See!

Till then Good DX! and Enjoy the contact


from TU2T website

Coming October and November 2011, a DXpedition that everyone will looking forward to catch them is TU2T.
A group of 7 Italian station will be active at Ivory Coast, they are - I1HJT Alfeo, I2YSB Silvano, IK2RZP Gino, IK2CIO Vinicio, IK2CKR Angelo, IK2DIA Marcello, IK2HKT Stefano

They will be cover from 160m to 6m - CW, SSB and RTTY.

More info - HERE


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