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I re-taps on ham radio with new sites. With this site revive, my Ham Radio life in Malaysia continue with new chapter.

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Fast Response - QSL DIRECT to me and I will 100% reply to you in Fast Mode. My Address and information at QRZ.com

Slow Reponse - QSL to BUREAU and my BUREAU address is below

Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters' Society

GPO Box 10777,

50724 Kuala Lumpur

West Malaysia

E-QSL - I'll will not entertain! I truly need your paper qsl card.


My Website. Anyone that link my old blogspot - 9w2cbl.blogspot.com , please re-link again to www.9w2cbl.com

The old blog is taken down by Google due to unforeseen incident.

Thank you for the support given so far, looking forward to have you read my post in this new website. 73 de 9W2CBL Richard Lam

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After 4 Years of collaborative joint venture of Yaesu with Motorola is finally to say this collaboration will end on end of this year. Start Year 2012 Yaesu will concentrate more on Amateur, Marine and Air-band business. Vertex Standard LMR business, Motorola will take over this portion.

Is good to see Yaesu Musen name is back.

Read the letter HERE (http://tinyurl.com/YaesuMusen20111227)

Happy New Year!


This is Voice of Korea, This is Voice of Korea... this is known for the first time, North Korea broadcast in English language

It was recorded on 6285khz shortwave at 1000 GMT. 

The great Kim Jong II or the known as Generalissimo for people of North Korea, pass away on 17th Dec 2011 suspected of Heart attack.

Click this link HERE to hear the broadcast.


Taken from RAST Website
Click HERE for more pictures on condition of HS0AC Club station. All their radio and furniture were destroy by the recent Thailand Flood.

Hi everyone! Quite a long long time that I have not being actively post up article in my blog!

Here I stumble upon video on how to use Antenna Tuner by N7TFP. 
Below is the video uploaded to YouTube! Enjoy it! 73!

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